A White Supremacist BLAST FROM THE PAST!

Hey, remember Bill Johnson?

Bill Johnson, racist lunatic who (under one of his assumed names) proposed a constitutional amendment that would allow only certain whites to vote? Bill Johnson, who tried to ditch that racist lunatic past and run for Superior Court Judge in Los Angeles County? Bill Johnson, who made it onto the Ron Paul 2008 endorsement list until someone noticed his history of racial lunacy and threw him under the blimp? Bill Johnson, local boy in my hometown, who inspired ridiculously incompetent news coverage by my local rag?

He's still around.

When the story broke that judicial candidate Bill Johnson was also known as James O. Pace, author of the Pace Amendment, reaction from Johnson supporters (which included, but were not limited to, Ron Paul supporters) were dubious and/or angry. Not angry at Johnson — angry at people who criticized him. The forums are deleted now, but some supporters asserted that the whole story was all a trick. Many others suggested that Bill Johnson must have changed, that he's no racist, that he was real friendly to non-whites now, and that if he ever was a racist he isn't one now, and this is all just liberal Obama race-card playing.

Yeah. About that.

Via a trackback to my original Bill Johnson post, I discovered a "white nationalist" website reporting on a "white nationalist" entering a Congressional race in Montana. From passing references there, I learned that Bill Johnson is now the Chairman of something called America Third Position, which "exists to represent the political interests of White Americans." His biography notes that he is "more than any other, responsible for safeguarding the course, values, and program of the party."

So, Johnson-for-Judge supporters, how's that apologia looking now?

(I leave it to the imagination of the reader whether a white nationalist site would link to my original post about Johnson to identify him because (1) they didn't read it, (2) they're stupid, or (3) they don't give a shit that it's not complimentary.)

(By the way: Johnson lives (or until very recently lived) within a few miles of me. My wife and I are white, but our kids are Asian-American. Writing about him and people like him tends to attract the sort of people who have a history of inciting threats and violence against people they don't like, with success. However, please remember that Very Serious People think that I should not blog anonymously and that you should think less of me if I do.)

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  1. ZK says

    I'm always unpleasantly surprised by how many truly hateful people are still around, and that some of them aren't just having fun being jerks on the internet.

    Concealed Carry is not just for gun-nuts anymore…

  2. says

    The home-town paper wrote me back. The pointed out that they did mention Johnson's past in another story later. Except (1) the later story is in 2011, (2) it's a story by an LA Times reporter hosted on their site, and (3) they never did anything to address the old puff piece, which they left up.

    As I recall, when I wrote to comment at the time, they offered to run a letter from me if I used my full name. I weighed my kids' safety against the desire to make a point, and declined.