Another Day, Another False Arrest From The Most Corrupt State Police Force In America

Wearing high heels in a gravel parking lot?  That'll be a blood test, ma'am. Embarrassed a North Carolina State Highway Patrol trooper? That'll be a trip straight to jail. Remember how the North Carolina Highway Patrol treats dogs? Imagine how they treat suspects.

As an aside, and since I blog pseudonymously this isn't worth much, I have tried a case against the aggrieved attorney in this story. I found him to be an honest man in a hotly contested trial, which is more than I can say for many patrol troopers.

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  1. says

    The only thing surprising about this story is that Trooper Wyrick persisted after learning that the husband was an attorney. The average person, having finally escaped from his clutches, would just be thankful it wasn't worse — then went on with life. No news.

    The problem is systemic. The Tessener's efforts are laudable, but they won't change the System.

  2. Stephen says

    Having previously practiced in that neck of the woods, and being from near there, I can say I am not surprised in the least. However, as notorious as the troopers there are to the average person, I suspect that, if they sue, they may actually get a good jury.

    By the way TJIC, wish you still had your blog. It was great and I miss it.

  3. d-day says

    Unbelievable. That poor woman must have been terrified being alone with that power-mad freak alone, in the dark, at night, after he purposely separated her from her husband.

    Both officers are an embarrassment, and should be barred from police work for life.

  4. Bartrick says

    What good do the troopers do? Don't the local law enforcement personnel have enough power already? What is the purpose of the highway patrol other than to strut about as if they own the street in their fresh pressed poly fascist uniforms? There have been massive layoffs in the state system and if I were a trooper I would be at least gracious enough not to abuse my power. There are good cops out of work so I would work harder to be a good cop if I were still on the job. These guys don't do anything that a courageous local cop doesn't do. Really, what is the purpose of these people? They take money and won't get their hands dirty even in the course of public safety. Everytime I've seen them they're busy trying to get people in trouble for a broken light or an expired sticker or arbitrary checkpoints where they remind us who is boss and just me talk you listen to the public who they feel are beneath them. If it weren't for the public and their money these people would have to go out and find a real job. According to an interview with this woman Tessener, one of the best and brightest of NC's finest scoffed when they ordered the woman to tell them what her husband did (for a living). She said attorney and they were like 'a real estate attorney?' yuk yuk. What's going to happen to this glut of bullies when the economy keeps going downward and all these bullies find themselves out of work? A culture that creates this kind of behavior and then can't provide for the bullies will be worse when it can no longer support these bullies due to the dog being drained of its blood and the fleas will have to find other ways to sate their hunger.

  5. greygod says

    Well after all the trooper bashing up hear…….How does it feel to be omplegely wrong now that the video shows that the lawyet and his wife werent being truthful a out the ordeal..imagine that a lawyer that lies