Dayton Police "Mistook" A Mentally Handicapped Teenager's Speech Impediment For "Disrespect," So They Tasered, Pepper-Sprayed And Beat Him And Called For Backup From "Upward Of 20 Police Officers" After The Boy Rode His Bicycle Home To Ask His Mother For Help, The Boy's Mom Says.

Jesus wept.

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  1. Patrick says

    Pleadings often exaggerate, but even if the story is exaggerated: if the boy cursed; if the officers only pepper-sprayed the boy; if only one officer was called for backup; and if the boy's bike had markings matching that of a ship that blasted its way out of Mos Eisley Spaceport, the worst hive of scum and villainy in the galaxy, with Jedi Sharks manning the turrets, this is too much.

  2. says

    If even just one quarter of what they claim is true, those cops should be strung up by their little toes and pelted with wads of dog shit.

  3. says

    There are times when I wish Jesus would stop weeping and do something. Perhaps what he did to the money changers in the temple would be a good start.

    (I know this maybe a theologically unsound point of view. But then again, Matthew 25:40 comes to mind here as well.)

  4. Piper says

    I like that the attorney is also going for civil conspiracy to charge him and cover up their heinous acts.

  5. Sandra Clark says

    John Burgess, I suspect the reason Yeshua "kicked ass and tooknames" in the temple was because He was welcome at the temple. Whereas He is not welcome in public schools, workplaces, and government offices. Why on earth would He help where He has been banned? He isn't a good-luck charm. He helps the Jews, he helps those who help the Jews, and He helps those who sincerely love Him. He generally does not help those who call on Him only when they've managed to get themselves into a horrid mess. He's not stupid. Duh.

  6. rsm says

    If you want to go theological:

    Jesus would have cheered the cops, because clearly he would side with the law.

    That being said, I don't mind taking Ken's comment metaphorically in the spirit it was meant, because I'm enraged, and scared, and would like to think that my imaginary friend would do the crying, because someone should. At the same time, hopefully some nice lawyer can make sure that the justice system works this time. That's the charitable approach, the biblical one would make me much happier.

  7. Patrick says

    Which Ken would that be?

    I'm not Ken, and I'm not a Christian, and haven't been one for many years, but I think that defining Christ as one who "sides with the law" is a gross oversimplification.

  8. Bartrick says

    Patrick: whether anyone believes in Jesus or not does not erase that rsm is probably in error. Jesus spoke (if you choose to believe in the stories) of the bad man who beat the servants when the master was away and when the master returned in the parable, the bad man was punished. Also, later in the New Testament Paul said that authorities did not bear the sword in vain and that authority is a terror to bad, not to good. Huh? Tell that to Jesus, who was crucified by the authorities in the story and for nothing wrong.

    The point is that the police overstepped their authority because their manhood was offended by a person who should have been recognized as mentally handicapped by properly trained and competent people. In any case, what's wrong with a kid riding his bike? Whatever happened to that amendment about being able to go about one's way without being stopped for no good reason? I thought detention used to be unconstitutional without probable cause which seems to give way too much latitude to LEOs, and if they can't find something wrong, they can just say you were driving erratically or crossed over the highway line when you didn't.

    The point of this article was abuse of power and not whether a bronze age deity or deity's disciple would side with fascism (he wouldn't).

  9. Haasdrubal says

    The local paper has more:

    It gets worse:

    1) The police already did an internal investigation and exonerated the two officers who did the beating.

    2) The mother and a family friend who tried to stop the police from beating the boy were both convicted of resisting arrest and obstructing official business. Both were sentenced to 90 days prison, the mother had the full sentence suspended and the friend had 78 days suspended.