Jack Thompson: Still A Deluded Ass

You remember good old Jack Thompson, don't you? Jack Thompson, the demented, disbarred former anti-video-game crusading attorney who did things like use rebuses to communicate with appellate courts and sue Facebook because people were being mean to him there?

All of the dank, murky depths of hard-earned obscurity could not hold Jack Thompson forever. A reliable media whore, he's seized upon the Casey Anthony circus as his chance to ride back into the limelight. Specifically, he's sent — and is now touting — a complaint to the Florida State Bar because Casey Anthony attorney Cheney Mason flipped the bird to a pack of loutish paparazzi. Thompson still has his clutching-pearls and fainting-couch from his glory days:

“Please note that Florida Bar Rule 4-8, ‘Maintaining the Integrity of the Profession,’ has been interpreted and applied by the Bar to bring within the scope of its disciplinary, regulatory powers the acts of lawyers outside a judicial proceeding," Thompson wrote. "In other words, the Bar’s current regulatory policy is that even actions by lawyers in a private setting that reflect poorly on the profession are disciplinable. This was an obscene activity in a public setting.

“Indeed, current Florida Bar President Scott Hawkins stated, at his swearing-in at last week’s annual Bar convention right in Orlando: ‘As lawyers we need to be mindful of how we talk to a waitress. Boys and girls are watching,’ added Thompson. “In that vein, Mr. Mason has made two obscene gestures in a public restaurant, with the whole world, including boys and girls, watching. Does this promote a salutary public perception of lawyers? Is the Bar going to look the other way and not enforce its rules as it has applied them to others, just because Mr. Mason won his case? Or is it going to do what it has to others, even to the point of disbarring lawyers for warning the public of a safety hazard by telling the truth on CBS’s '60 Minutes'?

“The whole world is watching the Florida Bar on this one,” insisted Thompson in closing.

This takes a certain amount of either mental illness or chutzpah. Thompson himself, who is fond of things like including gay porn in his court filings, has done to the "salutary public perception of lawyers" roughly what the clap has done to sex. He's got no business complaining about the niceties of any other lawyer's conduct.

Besides, Cheney Mason was right. The madding crowds and verminous media did far worse to the reputation of the legal system than any hand gesture ever could. They deserve more than middle finger. They deserve to get cock-slapped by Charlie Sheen.

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