The Road To Popehat: Midsummer Edition

It's time for The Road to Popehat, the feature in which we throw open the hood, look at the traffic logs, check out what searches brought people to our shores, and breathe a sigh of relief at the realization that we are, by comparison, well-adjusted.

In this issue:

how to observe the human condition: Get a blog.

casey anthony trial whats [sic] wrong with tour justice system: It's the tragic apostrophe deficit.

what to say if cop asks if you have had anything to drink: I imagine this guy frantically typing this into his iPhone's Google app while the cop waits impatiently.

origami space shuttle launcher instructions: NASA is going to do whatever it can after budget cuts.

how to write a letter like an attorney in a nice way: You're unclear on the concept, I'm afraid.

if Batman and Spiderman fought who would win: D.C. Comics.

tool of the capitalist oppressors.: That reminds me. Where's our July check from the Koch brothers?

extreme solutions for kids calling my son fat: Oh, this will not end well.

(ken's law): I know you assume it's "shut up," but it's actually "douchebaggery is not a zero-sum game."

what kind of letter should I send my lawyer: The kind with a check, deadbeat.

the most terrible thing EVER: I'm gratified that this search brought this person here.

asshole lawyers: Guilty!

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  1. Stephen says

    Has anyone else ever considered trying to find a crazy way to get here just to make the list?

    Um…yeah, me neither.

  2. Rich Rostrom says

    It's not as goofy as it looks. Four of these search phrases actually appeared in the blog in whole or in part.