Anatomy of A Scam: Chapter Index

Here's the index for the Anatomy of Scam series:

  • The prologue: I receive the UST Development, Inc. invoice, write an email, and get a response.
  • Chapter One: UST Development, Inc. sends me a bogus invoice. I explain why it's fraudulent and talk about the purpose of this series.
  • Chapter Two: I discussed online search methodology and Google search techniques.
  • Chapter Three I examined some Google search results for UST Development, Inc. and its principals and tried to chase down different entities.
  • Chapter Four I pointed to some signs that the Better Business Bureau and the public have caught on to the UST Development scam, and further discussed the reason for this series.
  • Chapter Five: I talked about searching state court records for UST Development and its principals and affiliates, including David Bell, and also examined PACER records for corroboration of fraudulent intent and trends of con-man behavior.
  • Chapter Six:  I talked about the optimal methods of reporting a scammer.
  • Chapter Seven:  I discussed PACER records of trademark actions against the principals of UST, and examined criminal records of David Bell.
  • Chapter Eight:  Tipsters emerge, and I corroborate a tip with lawsuits and Fictitious Business Name records.
  • Chapter Nine: More tipsters emerge, and David Bell starts using a new entity.
  • Chapter Ten: Bell and UST try new variations on their scheme across the American West.
  • Chapter Eleven: North Dakota issues a cease and desist order, the fraudulent invoice language morphs, and the scam spreads as far as Louisiana.
  • Chapter Twelve: New York State joins the party, and the fraudulent invoices continue.
  • Chapter Thirteen: Connecticut settles with UST, and the fraudulent invoices continue.
  • Interlude:  Bell pleads no contest to a state scam.
  • Chapter Fourteen:  The feds finally indict Bell.


See also my important note about the series.

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  1. John Anderson says

    You should probably have your important note regarding this series linked here as well.

    Otherwise, an excellent series of posts. Extremely fascinating. Thanks!