A Sincere Apology To R. In California

Dear R.,

You work in accounting for a large company. Today you sent an email to a vendor, saying that the IRS had rejected a 1099 submitted in connection with that vendor because the tax ID number was wrong, and asking them to fill out a W-9 and return it to you.

Apparently you are a Popehat reader, R., and had our page open at the time. By some mischance, the email was sent to ken at popehat dot com rather than the vendor, whose email address you had searched for.

When I received an email stating that a large company had paid money to us in 2010 and that the company just needed our tax information to file a 1099, I was somewhat skeptical. Nobody pays Popehat anything, R., because nobody at Popehat does anything. Right now, Patrick is sitting on the couch watching a "Mamma's Family" rerun.

I've now satisfied myself through online methods that you were being truthful, and your email was an accident, not a scam. So in retrospect, R., when I sent back an email asking whether you really really meant to do this thing, this thing we have here, with me, and invited you to visit this link and peruse it, and suggested that I would be speaking with you real soon now, I recognize that my tone was brusque and my implications unpleasant, and that I may have caused some anxiety.

I'm sorry about that, R.. You take me as you find me on any given day.

Best wishes, and thank you for reading,


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  1. C. S. P. Schofield says

    A gentlemanly apology, sir. Were I the person it was meant for, I would certainly feel better. Classy. We see too little of this. Thanks.

  2. says

    They've got a "Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C" marathon starting in 3 minutes, if anyone wants to come over.

    You have to bring the beer.

  3. VPJ says

    Never a big fan of Gomer Pyle, but let me know when the big "Sanford and Son" weekend is coming up.

  4. says

    You know Patrick, I'm still trying to decide if I think Ric Flair or General Sherman best fit my mental picture of you …

  5. says

    The thing is, when someone at Popehat says they're being sincere right in the title…I still suspect they're being sincere in an ironic way. Perils of the snarky life.

  6. Smock Puppet, Ideamancer Extraordinaire says

    Right now, Patrick is sitting on the couch watching a “Mama’s Family” rerun.

    Ahhh…. WHY? Sitting in your PJs is one thing, but watching MF? My belief in your taste has taken a major tailspin.