It Would Be A Tragedy If America's Death Wish Came To Fruition Before Deming v. Filmdistrict Distribution Goes To Trial

Sarah Deming, of Oakland County Michigan, did not enjoy Ryan Gosling's new movie, Drive.  Led on by a trailer that promised a light-hearted romp similar to the works of Vin Diesel, Deming instead got a film which "contained extreme, gratuitous, dehumanising racism directed at members of the Jewish faith, and thereby promoted criminal violence against members of the Jewish faith."

I was similarly distressed by the trailer for The Phantom Menace, which promised me a Star Wars movie.  Although I am not Jewish, it is not an exaggeration to say that after two hours of The Phantom Menace, I felt like an Auschwitz survivor, and I hated George Lucas as much as anyone ever hated Hitler.  Still, I have not sued over the experience.  Maybe one day, when I've recovered from the trauma.

So let me be the first to congratulate Sarah Deming for having the strength to vindicate her rights, and the rights of all Jewish people, against the makers of Drive.  Ms. Deming has filed a class action over the misleading trailer, on behalf of herself and all others similarly situated in the State of Michigan.

While a class action seeking only a ticket refund for everyone in Michigan may seem trivial in light of the virtual Holocaust Ms. Deming suffered, let's remember that it took the Israelis sixteen years to put Eichmann in the dock.  If Ryan Gosling hangs within the decade, it will be in no small part due to Sarah Deming's willingness to fight the good fight.

And let's not forget to congratulate Ms. Deming's attorney, Martin H. Leaf of Farmington Hills, Michigan.  It takes a man of rare courage to stand up to the anti-semites of Hollywood.  In fact, based on the court's scant records concerning this case, I wasn't certain that Martin H. Leaf of Farmington Hills, Michigan was the tireless warrior for victimized Jews who struck a blow on behalf of that beleaguered race.  I had to resort to the internet to be sure, but I have no doubt that the Martin H. Leaf who wrote this warning to America in 2010:

Most Israelis no longer care what this Arab or that Arab leader promises, because it is all hot air. Israelis no longer want to give land for peace or anything else for peace: They have been there and done that. The only thing that makes sense now is peace for peace, but that won’t happen either.

Imagine where the US would be had Israel not had the guts to take out the Iraqi nuclear reactor in 1981? Hint: There would be no independent Kuwait, and oil would now be over six dollars a gallon, since the US does not fight nuclear powers. That is a best case scenario.

America’s death wish, manifest by Reagan and Carter allowing Pakistan to go nuke, Reagan allowing Iraq to go nuke, Bush allowing Syria to go nuke, and Obama allowing Iran to go nuke, will soon come to fruition. A nuclear Iran is going to make this world a very terrible place to live in. However, by the time America realizes this, it will be too late.

is the same warrior against Ryan Gosling's 21st century Kristallnacht who represents Sarah Deming.

In 2010, Martin H. Leaf was censored by the editors of Commonweal Magazine for writing that wake-up call to America, just as, he warned, Hamas censors and murders Israelis.  One can only pray that the circuit court of Oakland County Michigan won't join the scoffers and mockers who have silenced this man in the past.


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  1. says

    I'm not sure. I've ordered a copy of the Complaint, but it may take two days to arrive.

    As for Martin H. Leaf, when all you have is a hammer, perhaps everything looks like a nail.

  2. says

    Wait, Syria went nuke? When?

    And, in the usual order of things, I had no real desire to see this movie until I read this. Thank you Sarah… though I'll probably save it for Quickster… or Netflix… or whatever.

    Plus, slightly off topic, what happened with Hitler vs. Ganesha?

  3. says

    FWIW, I read the book recently, and don't recall any such material in it. A Google search reveals a site I shall not name or link which asserts that her complaint says that a villain is portrayed as a Jew.

  4. says

    I would just like to comment on something Patrick touched upon when he spoke of Phantom Menace…

    Dear people who are buying the new Blu-Ray sets of the movies…

    You are why Lucas keeps fucking with the movies. You are was Han doesn't shoot first any more, why there is a fucking harmonica-playing muppet playing at Jabba's palace in Jedi, and why now it's Christensen instead of Shaw at the very END of Jedi.


  5. Just Plain Brian says

    Don't kid yourself, Scott, Lucas was figuring out how to work Care Bears into the story before Han's carbonite was cold. As long as he lives, he will continue to screw with the stories.

    And yes, Han shot first, dammit!

  6. Just Plain Brian says

    "Is Albert Brooks the villain?"

    Everyone is a villain, except maybe the kid, and possibly the woman. Brooks, as always, is awesome, although he plays against type.

  7. doug says

    years ago, i practiced law in the courthouse. Geoffrey Fieger, in those days, had a little studio in the lobby where he was interviewed whilst he defended Dr. Death.

  8. Linus says

    I thought it was awful. Slow in the beginning, and then it slowed down, and then, when there was a bunch of action, and gratuitous blood, it was still boring. I felt like it wasted my 2 hours and my 11 bucks, and if Ryan Gosling and Christina Hendricks had been standing there as I exited the theater, I wouldn't have hit him, but I'd have called him a sonofabitch, and I'd have told her for shame, for letting the director make you look so damn unattractive.

    But I wouldn't sue or anything.

  9. StrangeOne says

    The only mention of Jews in the film is this:

    Ron Pearlman (playing a Jewish mobster) comments on how the East coast mobsters call him a kike to his face and treat him like a kid.

    That's it. This is the only time Jews are brought up at all and its a Jewish mobster complaining about antisemitism among Italian mobsters (who are refereed to by similarly nasty racial epitaphs, just for the sake of irony). The two Jewish characters, as well as many of the Hispanic and white ones, are career criminals and in general pretty violent and despicable human beings. But only an absolute moron would consider that antisemitic.


  10. Will says

    Imagine if the US had bombed Israel to prevent them getting nuclear weapons? Don't want that bad stuff spreading, after all.

  11. markm says

    "StrangeOne • Oct 10, 2011 @6:18 pm

    The only mention of Jews in the film is this:

    Ron Pearlman (playing a Jewish mobster) comments on how the East coast mobsters call him a kike to his face and treat him like a kid."

    Maybe she reads antisemitism into any Jewish mobster (in a film where everyone is a criminal). Or maybe she thinks that having the cavemanish-appearing main villian Pearlman identify himself as Jewish amounts to intolerable antisemitism. Or perhaps she read the credits and discovered that the script writer has an Arabic name. All of these are perfectly good reasons for idiots and paranoid schizophrenics.

  12. Linus says

    You know, Grandy, my brother loved it as well, just raved about it, and he and I generally like the same things. No biggie. It wasn't like it was A.I. or anything.

  13. David says

    I agree with Sarah. I was very disappointed and misled into paying for this movie. The trailer was nothing like the movie. I was looking for more car scenes and not the gratiutous bloody murders. I would like to join her law suit.