Perhaps The Greatest Threat Is The Gang Known As "The Warriors". "The Warriors," In Gang Parlance, "Come Out To Play".

Proving that every dollar you send to the federal government is a fucking joke, the Federal Bureau of Investigation's National Gang Intelligence Center devotes four pages of its annual report to the gang known as…


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  1. SeanD says

    What about those guys that wear the baseball uniforms and paint their faces and go around on roller skates? And carry baseball bats.

    Are they still in the game?

    And on a slightly orthogonal note: I heard that the FBI has a bunch of Mormon members b/c they're so pure (no prior drug use) – could that play a part in this?

  2. says

    Remember those web ring things people used to set up, to drive traffic among sites with similar interests?

    I'm pretty sure those are in a past report…

  3. C. Ellis says

    Shouldn't it be "punks and mods"? That was pretty much poor kids v rich kids back in the day…gonna have to check out that book. Guess Juggalos can go up on the same shelf as Jazz, Blues, baseball, marijuana, goth, Satanic ritual sacrifice (never mind if it's imaginary) and Jews (they're on every list like this) for what's going to destroy America.

  4. EH says

    This is just a little PsyOps to keep the younger 2A crowd (Juggalos are mostly a Midwestern US blue collar subculture) from thinking too much about what they have in common with the OWS 1A crowd.

  5. Amiable Dorsai says

    Thank God for the FBI! On the strength of this report, I had my nephew arrested. The little bastard was posing as a straight "A" student and Eagle Scout, but he had an Insane Clown Posse poster in his room, and the cops discovered several ISP albums on his iPod; should be enough to keep him in slam for a few decades.

    My sister is less than entirely pleased with me, for some reason. I wonder if it's because the SWAT team was forced to shoot her Pomeranian?

  6. Shrimp says

    Hey, now, I've had Pomeranians. Noisy barking rats, it probably deserved it. In fact, I'm sure it did.