Popehat Sends Up The Anti-SLAPP Signal

The Popehat Signal

I'm trying to figure out how to help two people facing SLAPP suits — one in Maine, one in Maryland. Both have contacted me, directly or indirectly, based on things we've written here.

In a super-awesome world, I'd connect them with experienced litigators with First Amendment experience admitted in those states willing to help them pro bono (neither has money).

In a still pretty awesome world, I'd find litigators admitted in those states who could act as local counsel while I do the work.

In a reasonably awesome world, I'd get references to people who might help.

FOR GREAT JUSTICE! Any help is much appreciated and contributes to fighting SLAPP suits nationwide.

Shoot me an email at ken at popehat dot com.

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  1. VPJ says

    You totally need a popehat-shaped spotlight beacon.

    Excellent idea…and seems the Popehat art division staff agrees!

  2. Tom says

    I was curious about MD's anti-SLAPP law and when I googled it I got your popehat post about the ACORN suit from 2009. In that post, you said that there was only one citing case and it held that AZ law applied.

    I just checked again, and there's now two cases holding that different states' laws applied, one case from NJ using MD code as an example of Anti-SLAPP laws, and a case in federal court that for weird procedural reasons was treated like a summary judgment motion and denied because there were disputed issues of material fact.

    And. . . there was one case taking two pro se litigants to task for, get this, not citing any case law interpreting the statute. Ha!

  3. JohnB says

    I'm in Maine. Pass my email along when they start to raise funds. I can't give much but I will help twist arms. Can you tell us more?