La femme aux cordes nylon

Yes, you've heard Asturias by Albéniz a billion times. But have you ever heard it through the technical perfection and exquisitely gentle expression of Ana Vidović? Crank up the volume:

Although she's probably weary of hearing it, Ana was a child prodigy of sorts in her native Croatia. Maturity has brought interpretive sophistication to her impeccable execution. Listen, for example, to this ridiculously magnificent bit of Bach:

That's the Bourrée and Gigue from his Lute Partita No. 3 in E major, BWV 1006a, for those of you taking notes at home.

She'll be hopping among Asia, Australia, and the Americas in the coming months. Catch her if you can!


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  1. Harry Lime says

    Wow, she plays beautiful classical guitar and is beautiful herself. I "learned" asturias from my guitar instructor back at the end of high school. Although I memorized all the notes, it never quite sounded right, although I could usually fool my non-musically inclined listeners.

    The part that always killed me was where you have to hit that one barre chord at the 8th fret I think, but with your pinky on the 12 fret (at the 0:53 mark on the video). It never sounded right.

    Anyways, Albeniz is simply awesome. His Iberia Suite for three guitars is unbelievable.