Some people argue that Iowa would be a proper expansion.  Not really.  Iowa is closer to a Xel ' Naga Watchtower on a map.  So while it's important, it's not a silver bullet.  All it really does is give clarity to the map.  And sometimes it reveals jack.  Now New Hampshire, that's a proper expansion.  Whoever captures THAT is going to have a pretty big resource boost going into the other fights.  (Nerd Note: Every side has a "natural expansion"; one that is close by, easy to set up another base collecting resources.  I'm not really counting that when I talk "Expansions" -D )

Bravo to [GOP]Santorum, who threw everything into a super early ALL-IN strategy to secure the Watchtower, even including some workers in his push.  What did we learn people?  What happens when you pursue a early RUSH strategy; what is sacrificed?  Answer:  Your Economy, stupid.  The question now, for him, is whether he can get his econ up in time to really compete.   And guess what, MidClassMitt, who's economy is better than ANYONE else in the game (and who just got the tacit forum support of [GOP]Mc41n, who knows the map better than anyone) got 2nd place (or tied for first, who gives a shit), when everyone was ready to give him the booby prize.  That's the bloody story, not about Santorum's sad attempt to undo the Greatest Google Bomb of All-Time.

For those interested in [GOP]'s intra-forum jihad, this isn't entirely unexpected.  While we need final numbers to bear out, I would SUSPECT that the WWJD sub-faction came out for Santorum, which is odd considering his disgusting tag.  I find it more interesting that AggiesFanWWJD didn't get any love; moreso because he put the WWJD tag in his name.  In any case, I think he needs to drop.

The forum slapfights are likely to be all about "winnability/electability".  Which reminds me of a similar argument a few years back.

YEARGH, never gets old

In other news, [GOP]TheGrinch is a whiny bitch.

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  1. I Got Bupkis, Fomenter of "small-l" libertarianism says

    Santorum doing so well is… interesting. And only underlines my observation, months ago, that it was too early to even pay any attention, since no one was going to predict, with any reliability, who the front runners would be going into Super Tuesday. This is virtually ALWAYS the case when one is not talking about an incumbent.

  2. Derrick says

    AtlasFan did about what was expected. We'll see if he has the juice to win any expansions.

  3. says

    Thanks for the nerdgasm, Derrick. Always appreciated.

    Think TheGrinch will spend all his time harassing MidClassMitt and then ragequit with no GG?

  4. Derrick says

    It sure looks like he will Hortensio. But I think it's more of an all-out, fighting-your-guys-all-the-time kind of harrassment. Not the go-hit-your-econ kind of harassment that could actually be effective.