Beclownage de soi chez le TSA

via Bruce Schneier, The TSA Proves its Own Irrelevance.

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  1. says

    David, how can you possibly ignore that the TSA has successfully prevented ANY vampire attacks — sparkly AND non-sparkly — since its inception?

  2. Brian says

    Pretty much all of these "good catches" would have been caught by pre-911 airport security as well.

    To be fair though, they also would have foolishly allowed dangerous pastries, medical devices, and images of scary guns on board as well as leaving thousands of breasts and genitals unfondled and that would be a tragedy wouldn't it?

  3. Joe says

    Republican Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky on Monday found himself in a showdown with the Transportation Security Administration in Nashville, Tennessee after refusing to undergo a full-body pat down.

    Paul was later re-screened and booked on a subsequent flight.
    The senator went through the scanner at the airport but was told there was some sort of "anomaly" with the scan and would have to get a full-body pat down, Paul's chief of staff Doug Stafford told CBS News.

    Paul did not consent to this and offered another scan, but the TSA insisted on the pat down.

    Rand Paul should have tried to explain that the anomaly is a hereditary condition passed down from his father commonly known as "brass balls."