New Hampshire

MidClassMitt took the New Hampshire expansion easily.  It's looking like it's all down to the South Carolina expansion.

It's the last gasp for many players,  so expect a lot of aggression and a LOT of cheese.  I anticipate that only AtlasFan (resources), ZhouYu (possible map advantage), and TheGrinch (sheer spite) will remain as serious players after this. 

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  1. steve says

    I think it all depends on who can capture the losers unit production buildings. MidClassMitt started with a huge advantage with abundant resources and being very close to several opponents with lousy starting positions or noob game play. But the losers have been swapping production buildings simply because their defenses are mostly lined up against Mitt and not so much each other making a quick smash and grab easy to pull off.

    Meanwhile AtlasFan starting from a secure base on the opposite side of the map has been heading straight for those buildings not having to expend units defending against Mitt. Despite a hard slog the long way around the map several of his units have gotten lucky rolls and leveled up earlier then expected (Thank you Jon Stewart). The race is on.