The Road to Popehat: The Oracle At Popehat Edition

It's time for the Road to Popehat, the feature in which we throw open Woopra's search logs, see what inquiries brought you here, and suddenly grasp why those "stranded Nigerian prince" emails are economically viable.

Today we'll be answering your questions. It's just a little service, from us to you.

can you be liable for downloading porn from Megaupload: There is one seriously nervous 14-year-old.

Why is it alright for Australians to insult Americans: Well, while it is true that convicted felons surrender many constitutional rights, they still retain certain rudimentary privileges.

is a police allow to record you on the phone: little known fact: due to overuse of allergy medication, that is verbatim how Justice Stewart defined the issue presented in Katz v. United States.

what breed of dog for shooting: Your local police department will tell you that any breed whatsover is suitable.

What the fuck is citizens united: The internet: alive with the spirit of inquiry.

could matt damon sue the makers of team america: No. No, because frankly though God loves me he doesn't love me THAT much.

what does the average small businessman look like: Tired. Very, very tired.

is it safe to go to St. Thomas law school: Sure. I mean, if there's a hostage situation, and they are besieged by a toddler with a sharp stick, they'll sacrifice you in a heartbeat, but otherwise, sure.

can cops legally tell u to shut up: No. But once you make "threatening moves" and "obstruct police offices" and appear to be holding a "dangerous weapon" they can generally get away with tasing or shooting you. So. Just so you know.

why fat people being offended? I'm just a little sensitive, ok? Is that so wrong? Wow. People on the internet have no fucking manners.

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  1. says

    You have to wonder what goes through some people's minds, although in some cases when their eyes light up, it isn't an idea, it's just sunlight getting in through their ears.

    Ah well, it's always pleasant to get a Talking Heads song as an earworm. Keep up the good work.

  2. says

    "Why is it alright for Australians to insult Americans"

    Because they're well out of arm's reach. If you were standing right there in New Zealand, they'd politen up right quick, just you watch.

  3. StrangeOne says

    I've been asked the citizens united question, in that exact form, on no less than three separate occasions.

    Apparently Matt Damon found the "Matt Damon" jokes in Team America hilarious, he said he would have been willing to do the voice himself on a talk show.

  4. BarSinister says

    The reason God created Australians is so that the British will quit claiming that Americans speak the worst English.

  5. steve says

    "Why is it alright for Australians to insult Americans"

    It's like the Canadians insulting Americans. The Americans think, "It's soo cute when they try to sound bad." Of course, let someone Americans consider dangerous like the Chinese or the Iranians do it, and a carrier group makes a detour from it's planned patrol.

  6. Myk says

    Tom – as a New Zealander, I can assure you; the closer you get, the better you can hear the abuse. Like having your sociopathic brother shouting in your ear while he steals your toys.

  7. Robert says

    "what breed of dog for shooting: Your local police department will tell you that any breed whatsover is suitable."

    Dude, Radley Balko should so link to this…

  8. Simon says

    anarchic teapot — not sure if you were quoting something with that "sunlight" snippet, but you unirregardlessnessly just won your blog another reader.


  9. says

    Much falttered, Simon. I wasn't actually quoting anyone, that was just baseline oddballism for me.

    Those among us who post search engine weirdosity on our blogs have just been one-upped: somewhere, out there in the howling nutterness, is somebody looking for nude pics of Ben Goldacre.