Official Popehat GOP Debate Drinking Game


1)  Drink.  A lot.

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  1. says

    How do I avoid that stage where I am not drunk enough to have passed out, and can thus still hear them, but am drunk enough that they all make perfect sense simultaneously?

  2. Grandy says

    Well, I just heard Mitt basically say "I keep the Catholic Church Running bitches", and then Santorum just said that "Abstinence based governmental programs work".

    And one of these assholes might be our next president. Yay!

  3. VPJ says

    @Scott. Is that the one where you have to be sober enough to vote for some idiot, yet simultaneously drunk enough that you don't jump off of a tall building in utter despair?

    I think I owe you some royalties. I've been playing that one for some time.

  4. Crunchback says

    Glenmorangie Sauternes Wood Finish Highland Malt. Not so peaty. It's amusing to think what it would be like if Santorum got the nomination. The platform would read like the world's longest suicide note.

  5. Joe Pullen says

    Sorta like going to the bar. The more you drink the better they look. Unfortunately in this case there isn't enough alcohol. We'll all wake up in the morning – after the elections – and wonder what the hell was America thinking.

  6. David Leech says

    VPJ: No sure about that, I do know large quantities of alcohol are needed to stomach our politicians so Americans must need intravenous injections of pure heroin to stomach theirs.