What Have We Learned?

Today I learned that if you play this video all the way through once, you will feel barely controllable urges to shout "SLEESTAK!" at friends, family, and co-workers:

What have you learned recently?  Consider this an open comment thread, where you can share what you've learned, promote other (non-commercial) blogs, or discuss anything else you wish.

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  1. Mercury says

    I've seen that orange glitter dress on Nancy Pelosi more than once. Could someone please audit all 32 of her great, great, great grandparents?

    If Ms. Pelosi is in fact =>1/32 Sleestak, how would this challenge our assumptions about mixed species politicians as we move toward a more diverse, 21st century workforce?

  2. says

    I learned that our President could not beat a convicted federal inmate who is currently IN federal prison by a bigger margin than a Tea Party candidate beat a Republican Incumbent.

  3. Brian says

    I learned that I couldn't make it past the 50 second mark on that video before closing it.

  4. Dan Irving says

    I've learned that, though some of the metropolitan areas of NC have moved on to the 21st Century a large majority of it is still stuck in the early part of the 20th.

  5. A leap at the wheel says

    I learned, while digging a little too deep in my garden, that our city was in fact built on rock and roll.

  6. says

    I've learned that if Microsoft's IIS is piping information to Tomcat via AJP and you ask IIS to broaden its tolerance of client-posted certificates, IIS will "compensate" for the perceived increase in vulnerability to DOS attacks by throttling the ISAPI line, with the result that innocent posts destined for the Tomcat instance may generate an HTTP 413 transport error on account of the decreased size of the request buffer.

  7. says

    I learned to listen with my heart. I gained respect for others. I understand Sanskrit. I got my ham radio license. I can divide by zero.

  8. says

    Something else I learned: Google Reader has some sort of bug regarding embedded video clips, and will sometimes display a clip from a previous post instead of the one embedded in the post yore reading.

    But wait – that's not all!

    Because of that bug, it was only when I came to comment on your post that I realized the video you were talking about was actually a clip from "Land of the Lost", and not the news clip that I saw in Google Reader.

    So what I really learned is that I am completely unfazed by the idea that a video clip of Elizabeth Warren talking about "high cheekbones" would give Patrick the uncontrollable urge to shout "SLEESTAK!" to anyone he might encounter.

    I'm not sure I'm better off knowing that, but there you are.

  9. Tim says

    I learned that I've lost faith in humanity when you can no longer argue logic against (what should be "illegal") discrimination.

  10. says

    So what I really learned is that I am completely unfazed by the idea that a video clip of Elizabeth Warren talking about "high cheekbones" would give Patrick the uncontrollable urge to shout "SLEESTAK!" to anyone he might encounter.

    I'm completely comfortable with that idea.

  11. Joe says

    I have learned that Cats, like their nemesis, the dog do in fact get dirty, and occasionally need a bath. I have learned that not only do cats hate water but in their attempt to escape it, they can shred a three-ply rubber shower curtain quicker than a politician can shift positions.

    I have learned that a cat has claws and will not hesitate to remove all the skin from your body. I have learned how to dress to protect myself, specifically canvas overalls tucked into high-top construction boots, a pair of steel-mesh gloves, an army helmet, a hockey face-mask, and a long-sleeved flak jacket.

    I have learned when attempting to bath a cat that the element of surprise is critical and that speed is essential to survival. I have learned that cats have no handles and that once a cat has been soaped up I will experience one of the one of the wildest 45 seconds of my life.

    Basically though, I have learned to never try to give a cat a bath.

  12. A leap at the wheel says

    Joe – Combine a clean toilet, liquid soap, and a cat. The toilet has it's own lid, and the cat will helpfully lather the soap himself.

    I have no idea if it is safe, but it was the only way I got my old cat a bath.

  13. Joe says

    @ A leap at the wheel – could work – they already "drink" out of the toilet. That approach could in fact cure the 2 of them of that habit.

  14. says

    I learned that embedding a lot of video clips into a Prezi presentation causes Flash to have out of memory issues and crashes your browser.

  15. Jess says

    I learned that SLEESTAK is also a website that offers up to date listing of BC and Pacific Northwest skate parks.

    On another note, I can only hope my cats can "learn" that attempting to trip me up going down the stairs is not a good idea because I fall faster than they can run.

  16. Joe says

    I should also note that two weeks ago, we learned that if using Bacardi 151 to ignite your Bannanas Foster just because you think the pyrotechnics will be so much more impressive to your guests, is not a really a good idea unless you either keep a fire extingusher readily on hand, or have managed to convince the neighbor it is better to make the dessert at their house. We also learned it is a good ideat to read the bottle and make note the cap comes with a spark proof cap insert.

  17. Erica says

    I've learned that people who are younger than me are whinging brats who think that everything should be fair and people who are older than me are crotchety gramps who think that everything is already too fair the way it is and nothing should change.

    Also I've become my mother and some sort of 60s folk rock song.

  18. C. S. P. Schofield says

    I realize that I am a lone voice crying in the wilderness, but Land of the Lost was one of a long line of live-action Saturday Morning TV programs that others remember fondly and I never got. I didn't HATE them (other than The Bugaloos, which for some reason plain flat creeped me out.), but I didn't see the point. I still don't.

  19. Dan Weber says

    As a kid, my regard for things like "Land of the Lost" and "Electro-Woman And Dyna-Girl" was "why would you watch this when you could watch a cartoon?"

    Actually, I still think that.

  20. says

    I thought Dyna-Girl was cute.

    The live action CBS Saturday morning show that set me off was "Earth Two". It was about a bunch of noble scientists who drove around in a modified Econoline (the "Earth Two") teaching the survivors of nuclear holocaust how to make nutritious food, like cabbage and rutabagas, using only dirt, rain, and sunlight.

    One of the crewmembers aboard the Earth Two was a talking chimpanzee. It was a lot like David Brin's Uplift series. The only difference is that David Brin is great, and Earth Two sucked.

  21. says

    Ken is on a mission to recover the body of Osama Bin Laden from the bottom of the Indian Ocean, in order to promote harmony between nations.

    He was last seen here on Thursday. You must have the attention span of a lightning bug.

  22. C. S. P. Schofield says

    "Cute kid, but he's got the attention span of an overripe grapefruit"
    Elrod of Melvinbone (from Cerebus The Ardvark, back when it was still funny)

  23. Jess says

    I have also learned since living in Texas never to sit on the lawn because of something called fire ants. They will swarm over your hand and other sensitive body parts which will shortly feel like someone stuck them in a toaster oven on the broil setting. I imagine Arnie the ant, then goes back to his colony of buddies yucking it up about how some stupid Yankee actually sat down on the lawn.

  24. Mike H says

    I learned that my favorite comic shop closed down three years ago, and that buying things from stores tends to help keep them in business.

    I also learned that Dave Sim lives nearby and still hasn't gotten help for his schizophrenia.

  25. says

    When I was really young I used to have the following recurring dream:

    I am playing at the mouth of, or possibly outside of, the Land of the Lost Cave they live in during season 1. I hear Grumpy coming and flee into the cave, sometimes just in the nick of time. I am forced to flee deeper into the cave.

    Inside the cave are the Adventure People, and several of their vehicles. Vehicles which are no good because there's a Bob-Damned Tyrannosaur out front.

    I head towards the back of the cave, only to stumble on Maximillian, the creepy robot from The Black Hole. I flee back towards the main cave. The Adventure People are always gone at this point.

    I see a side cave, so I enter it. It leads me down into the Sleestak tunnles. Things get weird here. Sometimes it's like I'm dreaming in cartoon, sometimes not. I wander and wander and wander, hoping to find the way out. I never do.

  26. says

    I've learned that after 11.5hrs on the phone with Microsoft support, they just as screwed as I am when it comes to fixing this server.

    It didn't help that they spent 4 hours doing every sing item I documented again just to see if I was wrong.

    (I want to go to sleep now, mommy)

  27. Kris says

    Well, I have learned that the lot of you are INSANE.

    And that's fine.

    (IalsolearnedthatObamacouldnomoretepidlyendorseatoothbrushthangaymarriage, but hey.)

  28. Hasdrubal says

    I learned that kyudo + new glasses = returning to old glasses.

    I miss seeing in 1080i, back to 640×480. >.<

  29. not today says

    I've learned kaspersky will provide a street address if you give them a name and email.