THAT'S BECAUSE DROIDS DON'T RIP HOMOPHOBES' ARMS OUT OF THEIR SOCKETS WHEN THEY CAN'T MARRY THE PERSON THEY LOVE; WOOKIEES ARE KNOWN TO DO THAT. Next week the Popehat-Wife and I will broadcast an interview with Scott Craddock, Michael Pilmer, and Chris Tector, the geniuses behind 1990s indie rock band Krapper Keeper, on Popehat TV.  Here's a taste, an archival concert in which Krapper Keeper perform their hits, "Chewbacca is Gay", and "Old People's Pants Do That Shit".

More good news: Come June Amazon will have "Krapper Keeper's Greatest Hits" on sale. Remember, every time you buy at Amazon through this site it helps defray my expenses, and it costs you nothing.

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