Chilling Tales of Crazy/Evil

Stuff I've written here has gotten crazy people, vengeful people, and very nasty people angry at me. Some have acted on it in various annoying and occasionally unsettling ways. Some of it you know about, some of it you don't. Sometimes you've heard about it; sometimes you haven't. I'm still here.

But I haven't experienced anything like what blogger blogger Aaron Worthing has experienced as a consequence of his writing about the astoundingly vile and terrifyingly sociopathic Brett Kimberlin, who for reasons that passeth understanding is still a darling to certain political activists despite the contemptible life he has led and continues to lead.

Aaron's story is quite long. (We had a tiny, tiny piece of it here.) But he supports it with primary documents and video recordings, and ultimately it's a wrenching depiction of how the system doesn't prevent crazy and/or evil people from victimizing innocents — a depiction of how the system can be the instrument of such victimization. It's not a pretty story, but it's worth reading.

Edited to add: Welcome, visitors. For a story about another person pursued by a vengeful crazy, consider the story of Crystal Cox. Coverage of broader free speech issues in general is under our free speech tag. For examples of how, in my humble opinion, one ought to respond to legal threats, consider this or this — though neither of those involved malevolence on the level that Aaron has had to endure.

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  1. says

    The evil of Brett Kimberlin and his gang (accounts such as OccupyRebellion, BreitbartUnmasked, people such as Kevin Zeese, Neal Rauhauser, and the list surely goes on) are the most vile of thugs.

    They make accusations that have no basis in fact, file lawsuits based upon the accusations, and then use the lawsuits as proof of their claims.

    While the remedy of vile speech may indeed be more speech, I would very much like it if someone could shut these mother fuckers up…

  2. C. S. P. Schofield says

    Scott Jacobs,

    My initial reaction is to agree with you, but on consideration I can't. The Shining Path are vile. A certain Austrian corporal was vile. These creeps are vile too, but lesser. In fact, reading about them, the words that spring to mind are petty, petulant, and most importantly (it seems to me) self-important.

    Evil, yes. Disgusting, yes. Important to identify, expose, and frustrate, HELL yes. Significant? Not so much. The ultimate in ANYTHING (as in "vilest of thugs"), no. They are strictly second or third rate. Mundane evil.

    I think that the reason the strike one as "vilest" is that they are completely comprehensible. We can imagine ourselves being that petty, stupid, and loathsome. They aren't like Pol Pot (I can't imagine pushing a policy to the point of killing one fourth of my own people, can you?). They aren't like the Old Man of the Mountain. They aren't mysteriously monstrous. We have had the impulses they apparently live by giving in to.

    Tiresome, venal twits that they are.

  3. C. S. P. Schofield says


    Granted. And, no, I hadn't lost track of that. But he's still in the realm of the comprehensible. Unlike, say, Lenin. Or Ted Bundy. And the reason I harp on this is his evident SELF-IMPORTANCE. He thinks of himself as first rate, relevant, cutting edge. I refuse to feed that pettily monstrous ego. He's strictly a third rate, ordinary, vile twit. Like Ira Einhorn; filled with his own importance, but ultimately just another murderer.

  4. C. S. P. Schofield says


    You have a point there. May I take it that you understand my distinction between Kimberlin and the likes of Lenin?

  5. Chris says

    I'm still reading the saga, but I'm inclined to agree with CSP. I think our very discussion of him feeds his ego.
    Too bad no one he has tormented has sent him to meet his maker yet.

  6. perlhaqr says

    Well, after reading the court transcripts, I have never been more convinced of the need to hire a lawyer if you're ever going to court. Holy crap that Kimberlin fellow looks like a moron compared to Bours.

  7. perlhaqr says

    Also, unless it turns out to actually be really fun to hammer on the opposition (I'm not a lawyer, I wouldn't know) it must be really annoying to be a lawyer in a case against someone who is representing himself. "Objection. Objection. Objection. Jesus fucking christ objection."

  8. Christoph says

    Brett Kimberlin is obviously an evil psychopath, which explains why he's hung out with and been friends with evil psychopaths and terrorists in the past.

    The guy's scum and beyond shame. I hope the authorities in Maryland gets their friggin' act together, and until that happens, are roundly mocked.

    I don't always agree with Aaron by any means, but to do this to him and his wife is reprehensible. Whatever bad things befall Brett Kimberlin, he will deserve it.

  9. says

    "Objection….Jesus fucking Christ objection."

    This American Life had a fascinating piece about a pro se drug defendant in Albany County, NY a few years ago. Ira Glass interviewed the ADA who prosecuted him (no one could locate the defendant for an interview). The ADA said that he made on the order of 50 objections and could have made many more, but he felt that he was on the verge of appearing to bully the defendant. He consequently held his peace and ate his crow in the hope of not making the defendant appear any more sympathetic than he already appeared.

    The defendant was acquitted on all counts. Perhaps his most effective strategy, if it can even be called that, was to badger witnesses with questions about whether they thought he should go to prison for ten years. It reminded the jury that the people were trying to bring the hammer down on a small-time user under the Rockefeller drug laws. Procedurally, it was totally out of line, but as a matter of equity I'd say it was entirely appropriate.

    Another part of his defense was "hell no, I wasn't there for the coke, I was there for the heroin." The jury and the defense witnesses heard quite a bit of this.

    Ira Glass gave his audience a telling view into the prosecutorial mindset in the introduction to the piece. He mentioned that when he first spoke to the ADA, the ADA asked him whether maybe they could discuss one of the cases that he had won instead, but that he agreed to discuss his pro se humiliation and was a good sport about it. The ADA was a better specimen of the bar than some, basically an ethical workaday prosecutor, not a Tanya Treadway asshat.

  10. Joe Pullen says

    Kimberlin is worse than Cox and I did not think that was actually possible. I just zipped a letter off to the State’s Attorney for Montgomery County asking them to politely pull their heads out of their asses – although I didn't actually mention pulling their heads out of their asses, but I really wanted to.

    Meanwhile, I might actually hire Aaron for some work to pursue the dastardly Pacifictel telescammers. Unfortunately that gig doesn't pay very well. A six pack and two pounds of Lockhart brisket and ribs is about as good as it’s going to get.

    Lastly, Captain Obvious is thinking about coming out of retirement and is looking for ideas for another YouTube video to help spread the word. So – should he come out of retirement? If so, should the video (1) poke fun at Kimberlin, (2) poke fun at the Montgomery County State’s Attorney’s office for letting Kimberlin get away with perjury and harassment, (3) poke fun at any of Kimberlins flunkies and cohorts, or (4) all three? Any audio soundtrack or song ideas/requests?

    Disclaimer: Your ideas may be folded, spindled, mutilated or used to line the cat’s litterbox. We are not responsible for hurt feelings if we fail to use your ideas or for Kimberlins hurt feelings if we do.

  11. says

    Fair warning if you do anything about Kimberlin…

    He and his thugs will make efforts to out you, they will make efforts to contact your employers, they will harass you – both online and off.

    But I vote for all three.

    As for music? "Hamster Dance"…

  12. says

    To both Chris and CSP

    I assure you, if you knew even a fraction of what else this vile pile of shit has done, the campaigns of harassment against numerous people, the stalking, the outing of identities, the releasing of personal information down to how many credit-hours someone might have gotten in college…

    There are so many things that will be coming out – not just from Aaron, but others who's lives have been effected, and efforts to use the office of the California State's Attorney to cause a man to be investigated for child pornography by his college employer…

    The man set bombs. He blew up a cop car but what is actually worse is that one of the bombs was set in front of a fucking school.

    He has no fucking soul.

    Too bad no one he has tormented has sent him to meet his maker yet.

    Great. THAT will end up being quoted in one of this asshole's lawsuits. Thanks a bunch…

  13. C. S. P. Schofield says


    I certainly don't mind verbally pounding the festering little pile of dung; he deserves it. I just want to make it clear that while I am all for supporting the people he attacks, I consider HIM supremely unimportant. Please God, may his legal shennanigans come to nought, his credibility with the Justice system be forever destroyed, and he himself be reduced to the state he must fear the most; complete obscurity.

  14. Joe Pullen says

    Thanks for the suggestions Scott. I found a bullshit song I like also.

    On another note, I'm really not worried about Kimberlin because first he has to find me. Let's just say that the IP addresses that Ken, Google, Hotmail, etc. see are figments of my imagination, much like my name. I do actually live in the DFW metro-plex but at last count there were over 6.3 million other people here as well so – – – – – –

  15. Joe says

    Back to Scott's point. Same thing RE Cox. And as Ken has mentioned previously, we have to be the good guys. Ridicule, parody, disagreements, etc. fine but best not even joke about bad things happening to someone or do anything that could be potentially misconstrued as a threat. Idiots like Cox and Kimberlin will take anything "implied" and it will suddenly become a "fact" whether it is or not. It would be great if Kimberlin would sink into obscurity, unfortunately I suspect his ego will goad him to antics to ensure the exact opposite.

  16. says

    Joe, do not underestimate the vindictiveness, the obsession, and the ingenuity of the psychopath that is Kimberlin.

  17. AlphaCentauri says

    What about Kimberlin's minions, like Neal Rauhauser or the woman who accompanied him to the original court hearing? Sociopaths are not easy to get along with, even for other evil people. He is likely emotionally manipulating them. Rauhauser has shown he is willing to put himself at risk to act as a proxy to deliver threats.

  18. says

    Yeah, Joe…

    You really don't understand the lengths these people will go to to find out who you are and make your life hell…

    I'm not saying don't do it.

    What I am saying is "be careful, and be prepared for all that could come your way – assume nothing to be too low for these people."

  19. bkd69 says

    It occurs tome that somebody who owes a judgement of a million bucks, and is making efforts to dodge payment probably ought to keep a lower profile, than filing cases and representing himself in court.

    Would it be possible for duly authorized collections agents to confront such a deadbeat at the courthouse in the company of the sheriffs, and collect various and sundry valuables like his watch, his phone, his car, his checkbook, and the shirt off his back, every time he shows up in court?

  20. Dustin says

    "Holy crap that Kimberlin fellow looks like a moron compared to Bours."

    I wish you could have heard him. Mr Bours is an excellent attorney. If you are facing Kimberlin or someone like him, hire an attorney. The procedural advantages are enormous, but also just having someone in that role who is less prone to being trolled… Aaron naturally wanted to directly explain Brett's entire saga. Bours instead made objections that are quite relevant and well conceived.

    Mr Bours is an excellent attorney. He is the real deal. I've never been in contact with this man, but if you need a defense attorney in Maryland, this is someone you should consult with.

    Thank you Ken, for helping Aaron get counsel at an earlier point. Ms Kingsley is a patriot who crossed ideological lines because she cares about justice. So are you.

  21. David says

    Not to diminish the very justified bashing of Kimberlin, but it's disappointing that Aaron's takeaway from the handling of his assault charge is to assume that his case was mishandled, rather than to see evidence of a systematic problem.

  22. Joe says

    Scott, SPQR, truly thanks for the warnings. Trust me when I say he can't find me he really can't. If I were to say any more I'd have to kill you – just kidding ;-) I did some additional digging on him and his associates yesterday. That pile of crap is very deep indeed and vile is an understatement. Frankly, I've been too busy sitting by the pool this weekend to take on a video but will give careful consideration to your comments.

  23. says

    David, Aaron isn't the sort of lawyer who would regularly see a court room…

    He has a level of faith in the system that regulars here no longer have.

    I don't know if that's bad or not.

  24. says

    Joe… What you say interests me. If you're willing to discuss your ideas, Ken is free to release my phone number, which if he looks for he can find.

  25. Joe says

    Scott – conversely if you want to put up an email I can reach you at I'll share a bit more off offline. Or, you can reach me at a disposable email I've set up for you at … and we can exchange info offline. Don't worry I will know if it is you – – – – – –

  26. says

    Joe I took the liberty of memory-holing the email address you put up, not because I care whether you live or die, but because it attracts spam and the like.

  27. Joe says

    That's fne Patrick – Scott and I are done with it. It was disposable so you're free to block it if needed.

  28. Joe says

    Patrick – BTW don't take that as my being arrogant or coming across like you need my permission to do just that ;-)

  29. says

    Joe, don't take it as though I really meant it when I say I don't care whether you live or die.

    It was my way of communicating to Kimberlin (a relentless self-googler) that he shouldn't sue me when he gets around to suing Ken.

  30. Joe says

    Patrick – not to worry I sorta figured it was more of your tongue in cheek meta sarcastical humor.

  31. says

    After being away for a few weeks on other matters we might even break into our normal programming to write about this purveyor of the stupids Kimberlin ourselves.

    In fact has anyone checked to see if Kimberlin and Cox are related (and no not just by the stupid gene.. though that's a given)

    @Joe – our opinion is to do a piece on the batshit cray crowd. Incorporate them all (Cox, Kimberlin, Foster, Windsor, etc).

    @Scott – Warning taken on board.. thankfully we are of a different breed and would welcome the idiots trying anything since harassing, threatening, or worse towards ourselves would be quite interesting. Can't wait

  32. Jess says

    On 11/10/2010 it looks like Kimberlin tried to threaten Patterico with a lawsuit and never actually filed one for what appears to be much the same reason Stephens never got anywhere with Ken. Ken did mention on the prior thread in December of last year that he might be the subject of a RICO suit which I presume was a result of his original post on Kimberlin. Would be curious to know what happened with that (if it can be discussed at this point) because I’m not sure I understand exactly what Kimberlin could have alleged – that we are all sock puppets?

    Meanwhile I’ll also drop a letter to the States Attorney office and see if I can scare up some funds to help Aaron out.

    I think Joe’s prediction about this guy not being willing to fade into obscurity due to his ego is coming true. If he keeps pursuing non meritorious lawsuits, my hope is that he is soon declared a vexatious litigant – although I’m not sure that would put much of a damper on his behavior either.

  33. says

    As for the whole RICO thing, got to the following links, and click through…

    Liberty Chick (my long-suffering girlfriend, and not just because she's dating me, so shush) has been at the center of all of this since the very start, as it all kicked off because a blog post she made for Breitbart at the same time Kimberlin (a pox be upon his house) sued Seth Allen.

    The whole tale is long and convoluted, but if you are willing to wade through all of it, it really does paint a picture that is, if anything, worse than what is happening to Aaron, because it is a broad and far-reaching attempt to a) protect a convicted terrorist/drug smuggler/perjurer from the bad effects his reputation would have on his ability to collect funds for his "non-profit" groups and b) silence opposing views.

    Anyways, here's the links…!/Liberty_Chick/status/203281756483366914–Left-Scrambles-to-Hide-Ties-to-Domestic-Terrorist

    In the end, what he's done is take a modestly popular news story at the time, manipulated the truth about it, in order to make himself out to be a martyr and a victim of civil rights violations from the government.

    A single e-mail from that story, which merely included a link to what Mandy wrote, is what he used to insert people he doesn't like into the planned RICO suit.

  34. says

    And no, being declared a vexatious litigant wouldn't change his behavior, but it would, at least, keep people from having to spend their own money to fight his bullshit…

    As it is, he files everything Pro Se, so costs to him are low. Perhaps increasing the cost too him personally would lessen the filing.


    God only knows with this nut job.

  35. says

    Would gladly burn 99% of the statute books & regs, but would like to see perjury laws enforced pretty vigorously (except for the BS "obstruction" charges from prosecutors who can't prove the crimes they're going for). Whole system relies on truthful testimony, people lie under oath in criminal & civil cases all the time. No one cares.

  36. Disposable says

    The real shame here is that Mr. Walker got so easily baited. IANAL, but his biggest mistake was "firing" his own attorney and going pro se to a hearing he wasn't officially party to. He couldn't contains his emotional self and looked like an unprofessional ass in front of the court. He clearly baited, rightly or wrongly, Brett "Speedway Bomber" Kimberlin when he should have stayed objective. None of that is illegal – it's a perfectly understandable human response, but Kimberlin sums it all up with his response to the accusation that all he wanted was Walker's name: "And I GOT IT."

    How the hell is Kimberlin collecting money as a political activist? Is our community memory that bad?

  37. says

    No. They just don't care…

    Remember, he's getting money from people and groups who like Bill Ayers is a swell guy who just had a bit of legal trouble back in the day…

  38. Joe says

    Crystalstumblingcox – I just had an idea. Cox is a blogger and Kimberlin is all about shutting up bloggers who don't agree with them. Now if only there was a way to have them go after each other.

  39. Adjoran says

    This isn't some pain in the butt over-filer. This guy conducts jihad against his victims. Walker AND his wife lost their jobs because Kimberlin spooked their employers. Stacy McCain's wife's employer was contacted by Kimberlin, too, and he's gone underground.

    This guy is dangerous, and the people who finance him and work with him (doing similar things) need to be held to account.

  40. Jess says Looks like some folks are doing a good job of getting the word out.

    Everyone needs to be posting and talking about this and embarassing the mainstream media into picking this up. Kimberlin needs to learn what the Striesand Effect is like in a big way.

  41. perlhaqr says

    So, since Kimberlin's parole hasn't been revoked again, does that mean he's actually paying on the DeLong judgement this time?

    How does parole work, anyway, o legal beagles? If you've got a 50 year sentence in 1980, and you spend 20 years in jail, then get out on parole in 2000, and then thrown back into jail in 2010, do the intervening 10 years you were out of jail count as time served on your sentence, or do you still have 30 years to go once you're back in jail?

  42. says


    This is how the "has he paid" thing went down.

    He lost the case, appealed, won, the widow appealed, she won.

    He refused to pay, committed perjury, went back to jail.

    He filed bankruptcy, it got fought over, and the time limit ran out so now he doesn't have to pay.

    I might have some of the steps mixed up, but that is basically how it happened, and what it boils down to is the widow got nothing.

  43. perlhaqr says

    So bankruptcy won't get you out of your federal student loans, and it won't get you out of your foreclosure, and it won't get you out of your credit card debt, but it will get you out of your restitution to a private individual for your terrorist bombing campaign.

    Well, that's pretty fucked up.

  44. says

    Bankruptcy can't discharge a debt arising from willful or malicious injury to another person. As I understand it the judgment is still in effect, which is why Kimberlin has to live with his mother.

  45. says

    Funny, then, that he pulls in nearly six figures from one of his charities (over 15K from payments for use of his home as his office)…

    You're think that could be garnished…

  46. says

    Yes at the Indiana statutory rate. I'm sure the judgment is vastly in excess of a million dollars now.

    As I understand things Kimberlin takes a very small salary from one of his non-profits and claims to have no other income or property.

    Many have written that the Tides Foundation, Heinz Foundation, and other donors should scrutinize the use to which their money is put by his corporations Velvet Revolution and Justice Through Music. I'd add the Internal Revenue Service to that list.

  47. says

    Kimberlin pulls in – according to the filings of his "not-for-profit" groups – at least $65,000, with an additional amount of roughly $16,000 for use of his home as his office (whether that is a tax deduction, or a payment to him from his organization I am unsure).

  48. says

    The reason I am asking is the following…

    "In the book Citizen K, by Mark Singer, it is revealed that Kimberlin declared his intent never to pay that judgment. He was reportedly thrilled when he learned about an Indiana law that supposedly made a civil judgment uncollectable if not enforced within a specific period of time. If the book is accurate, Kimberlin evaded the rule of law long enough to avoid paying the victims of his violent actions."

    So we are wondering, is this actually the case?

  49. says

    I assume, without looking it up, that our ancestors in the distant 1980s disapproved of discharging wrongful death judgments based on murder as strongly as we do today.

  50. says

    Its very unlikely that the judgment was discharged in bankruptcy. I don't know Indiana state law to say when a judgment expires and is no longer renewable.

  51. says

    I was just informed that, in Missouri at least, after 10 years the person who was awarded judgement needs to file a certain motion to continue the judgement, or else the other person is off the hook.

    I am vastly simplifying.

    She's going to check what the law is in Indiana, since several states have similar statutes. I really hope Indiana isn't one that had this, and if they did that it was repealed before 2005.


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