Throwing The Marketeers Under the Bus

We name and shame lawyers here.

Some of them we name and shame because they act badly in various public arenas. Many of those are probably irredeemable.

Others we name and shame because of their marketing techniques — because they market by comment spam or other detestable tactics, or because they fail to supervise marketeers who do so on their behalf. Those people are generally redeemable. When we do so, we generally make this offer:

By the way, I'll make [lawyer] and his law firm the following offer: I will scrub this post of data identifying him and his firm on two conditions. First condition, he must make a sincere apology for outsourcing his reputation and ethics (or, if he did this deliberately himself, a sincere apology to the English language and to defendants everywhere). Second condition, he must provide emails or other documentation identifying the marketeer he hired who produced the comment spam and proving their responsibility for this, so that we can alter the post to call them out by name. Because lawyers who hire bad marketeers have bad judgment, but bad marketeers are vermin, and ought to be stomped.

This works. For an example of it working, see this post by Eric Turkewitz. As originally drafted, it named and shamed a law firm that had scraped an entire post by him — reprinted it shamelessly on its own website. But the firm named its marketeer, and Turkewitz named the marketeer and removed the unflattering references to the firm. The law firm will hopefully learn to supervise its marketeers, and the marketeers — well, there's not much hope for them, frankly.

So. Read Turkewitz' post. Beware of marketeers like "The U Agency." And remember that when you outsource marketing, you outsource your reputation and ethics.

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  1. says

    Interesting logo; did he lift that from Orthodox Union? (Apologies if I don't have the organization name right)

    [Insert "not kosher" joke here]

  2. says

    Argh. Remind me never to comment from my phone. Previous comment makes more sense on Eric's original post.

  3. AlphaCentauri says

    I wish more people would do this. Some comment spammers now have the unmitigated gall to use xpymep.exe (Cyrillic for Xrumer.exe, a popular forum spamming software that uses a central server to load URLs of target sites) in their user agent information when they visit sites. It's ruining blogging for people who don't have a lot of time to devote to weeding out spammy comments.