Sending Up the Popehat Signal: Help In Florida For A Victim of Censorious Thuggery

The Popehat Signal

I'm putting up the Popehat Signal. As regular readers know, it usually goes up to seek pro bono help for people threatened with unjust censorship.

Today I need a federal criminal practitioner in the Middle District of Florida, or admitted there and familiar with its courts. I need this person to help and advise a blogger who is being unjustly threatened with criminal consequences for his blogging. I believe, based on what I've seen, that this person is being threatened with criminal consequences because of what he has written about Brett Kimberlin and his crew. That is, of course, completely consistent with what our system allows to happen to people who want to exercise their First Amendment rights regarding Kimberlin and his crew. Because of this person's health, and the state of health care in our prisons, the unjust consequences he faces are quite literally life-threatening.

In connection with the same matter, I also need someone in the Middle District of Tennessee, or at least admitted there and familiar with its courts.

Please do not speculate on the identity of the person. It's not helpful.

Thanks in advance for any help. If you care about the Kimberlin matter, this one is worth it.

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  1. ElSuerte says

    Glenn Reynolds of Instapundit is a law prof at U Tenn. He could probably hook you up with somebody for the second part of your request.

  2. Dustin says

    Good luck finding lawyers. I'm afraid I can offer no more than a retweet.

    It sounds like the cause is just.

  3. says

    I'm a lawyer!! Oh wait… No, no I dreamed that. Sorry, false alarm. Even in the dream, I was a horrible lawyer.

    But seriously, stay safe, mysterio-blogger, whoever you are. Remember that your cause is worthy, but if ones health is in jeopardy, there is no shame in leaving it to the young bucks for a bit. I'm not saying anyone should be quiet, just safe and alive.

  4. perlhaqr says

    Scott: Oh, lord. Marc Randazza vs: Brett Kimberlin, in court… I would watch that DVD over and over again.

    "Oh wait, wait, my favorite part is coming up! Marc is about to verbally bitchslap Brett so hard that his hair actually falls out on the stand." Let's go to the instant replay!


    Not a lawyer here, nor in Florida, but I hope the Popehat Signal works out for this beleaguered blogger. It's my belief that Brett Kimberlin is a poncy little douchenugget. I hope he gets his court-based comeuppance soon.

  5. Dustin says

    As fun as it is to make fun of the guy,

    I think he's actually terrifying. Those in his crosshairs are often very worried about safety.

    Let's hope at least they can get a lawyer willing to help them maintain their free speech.

  6. tthoro says

    I have always wanted to be a sports or rock star. Today I just wish I was a federal criminal practitioner in the Middle District of Florida. What a dream task this would be!

  7. Joe says

    Both the Velvet Revolution site and BreibartUnmasked site carried the following comment on May 25 essentially stating they were going to pursue lawsuits against all the various bloggers.

    "Please note that we are working closely with both state and federal law enforcement officials and have given them lists of all those who make inappropriate statements or contacts."

    Somewhere somehow I would hope the vexatious litigant concept would come into play. Best case, perhaps this will help drain the VR coffers of $$$.

  8. AlphaCentauri says

    I take it Kimberlin has enough sense not to sue anyone in a jurisdiction where Ken or Mark Randazza practice. Perhaps what we should be taking up a collection for is getting them admitted to the bar of all 50 states. That would stop Kimberlin in his tracks ;)

  9. says

    I take it Kimberlin has enough sense not to sue anyone in a jurisdiction where Ken or Mark Randazza practice.

    Nope. Florida is right inside Randazza's wheelhouse.

    I wonder how much Marc would charge to be allowed to sit at the table and watch him ruin these people…

  10. says

    However, Kimberlin prefers civil actions in Maryland, where it seems Mr Randazza is not a member of the Bar…

    I would really like to know what it would take to change that.

  11. JW says

    Psychopaths and sniveling sycophants. What a lovely combination of Klumzy Evil.

    I wish I had anything to offer in the way of assistance, other than pithy comments.

  12. Joe says

    Scott – I would DEFINATELY pay to see Randazza pull Kimberlin apart at the seams in court. In fact I will provide to Marc a bottle of Gran Patrón Platinum for the opportunity.

  13. Tennwriter says

    I'm from Middle Tennesse, but I am not a lawyer. I rarely check my email, but I can check back here a few times.

    Out here, we have more pistols than people, and more possums than pistols, and more pine trees than possums. Even the liberals are going to be pretty short tempered with terrorist bombers, and the conservatives are going to volunteer to raise taxes just to build a new jail to put this Kimberlin fellow underneath.