Update: Marian Call's Kickstarter

Just an update on our recent coverage of Marian Call's Adventure Quest. The indie songstress wanted to perform for her fans in Europe and turned her kickstarter into a Zelda-like game of unlocking countries and novelty songs (e.g., Lehrer's Elements, Muppet stuff), all with the goal of performing abroad and cutting a live album for supporters of the endeavor. (Follow the link for details.)

The kickstarter, which ends in about 12 hours, has garnered over 750 backers and just shy of $55k so far. This makes it possible for Marian to perform in England, Wales, Germany, Be/Ne/Lux, Austria, Ireland, Czech, and Switzerland.  Scotland and Norway are on the brink of being unlocked as well, and if she exceeds $55k, Marian will be performing live at CERN (Particle Man by TMBG).

If you participated, thanks! This is art supported the new old fashioned way– by private patronage, individual gumption, and exploration of the new social graph.

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  1. Laura K says

    yes, genius here just realized. yurg. DAVID, thank you for Marian Call; I love her music and I'm sorry to misdirect my appreciation.

  2. says

    Ah, everyone knows that all the writers here are Ken. Patrick, David, and Grandy are just his alternate personalities. I hear there are puppets.

  3. says

    Well, shit. There goes another chunk of my money to a deserving Kickstarter project. CURSE YOU, DAVID!

    (Not really. I'm looking forward to a massive amount of music in a few months' time. :D )