Imagining must matter and that's why

… I've got to give away some music!

By supporting Marian Call's recent, very successful Kickstarter campaign/game/thing, I received some download codes for her albums. I already have her albums, so I'd like to give these codes to people who lack them and want them.

The albums are Vanilla (her first), Got To Fly (the Firefly/Galactica-inspired one), Songs of the Month Project (miscellaneous playful weirdness), and Something Fierce (her most recent, the double album).

I have one download code for each, and I'd like to give each to a different person. If you would like a download code for one of these albums, please send me an email message and name the album you prefer. Distribution is first come, first served by email time stamp. Please name exactly one title; I'd prefer not to go all Condorcet.

I'll edit this post when the codes have been claimed. My email address is david at popehat dot com.

Edit: outcomes:

  • Vanilla: claimed
  • Vanilla: claimed
  • Vanilla: claimed
  • Got to Fly: claimed
  • Got to Fly: claimed
  • Songs of the Month: claimed
  • Songs of the Month: claimed
  • Something Fierce: claimed
  • Something Fierce: claimed
  • Something Fierce: claimed
  • Single: Love & Harmony (the Karaoke song, vocal version & instrumental version): unclaimed

Note: if you learn that your first request has already been claimed, please feel free to make a separate, second request for a different item. All gone!

Note #2: If you also received an extra download code during the Kickstarter and would like to find a good home for it, feel free to send it to me and I'll redistribute it to one of the people now flooding my inbox! :)

Note #3: A kind donor followed the advice in Note #2, and more codes were redistributed as shown above.

Note #4: Another donor, another couple of album codes. Email me if you haven't yet received a treat and would like one.

Thanks to Leif S. and to Tom B. for making some of these available!

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  1. MaximumBob says

    I win! Thanks Popehat!

    Now I get to check out what the buzz is all about! Been hearing about Marian Call from you, the Bad Astronomer and Scalzi. All the blogging giants!

  2. Ben says

    Ooh. Popehat raffles!

    You should sell raffle tickets for representation in a slander/libel/defamation case. I think that might be popular. :)

  3. says

    I backed the kickstarter because of you, David. I was browsing Popehat at 1AM because I was bored. I then spent half an hour agonizing over how much to back it with. Ended up going for the "ALL TEH MUSIKS" level. Got my download codes today, now need to get all the music. So excited!

  4. Brett says

    I'm another one who jumped on the kickstarter on your recommendation, David. Couldn't hold out for the end, so I bought Something Fierce, and therefore ended up with a double code for it at the end. It's gone to a friend who's now also completely sold on her. Thanks for the tip!

  5. C-chan says

    Thank you to the extra donors! I'm excited by the idea of awesome music!

    As the type of person who wishes life were a musical so that one could burst into song like that without people thinking one was insane, this could turn out really awesome or really horridly…. (Depending on one's outlook and philosophy on music in everyday situations, naturally.)

  6. Timmay says

    I have to say that when I read your first posts about Marian I rushed over to her web site and purchased all three albums.

    I was not disappointed and they are in heavy rotation on my MP3 player.

    My wife and my geeky daughter love them too.