Get to Know Your Authors: Arch-Nemesese Edition

The Power Puff Girl Blossom, or possibly Sun Tzu, said "know thine enemy".  It turns out that you can also get to know someone by knowing their enemy.  Or enemies, as the case may be.  Here is a rare peek inside the secret world of Popehat.

Patrick's arch-nemesis is Emperor Grog.  Emperor Grog is a hyper-intelligent male silver back gorilla.  Possesses exceptional strength for a male of the species.  The list of horrors he has perpetrated over the years is too long to detail here, but can be read further at [REDACTED].  Emperor Grog was most recently active in New England.  Intel suggests he was actually there to bring forth [REDACTED]; it is not known how this was prevented.  Grog was not captured and his  current whereabouts are unknown.

Ken is currently lacking a "heavy weight" arch-nemesis.  David suspects the endless string of Gomers who try to take up the mantle are in fact the results of an elaborate prank being played by one of the other authors, likely [REDACTED].

David's arch-nemesis is the idea that Art can only be understood by the few, or is cheapened when accessible by more.   There is some evidence, however, that in fact Time is really pulling the strings.

Grandy – my arch-nemesis is, as ever, physics.  Gravity in particular.

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  1. Phanatic says

    Ken, have you contacted the Guild of Calamitous Intent? They should be able to provide you with an arch-nemesis who meets all your arching requirements.

  2. mojo says

    "A righteous infliction of divine retribution, manifested in the person of an appropriate agent."

    Or so Brick Top says.

  3. Tarrou says

    Just make sure to talk to a manager at GoCI, or the desk flunky will stick you with Captain Pastegobbler or some other such low-level antagonist.

  4. deadcenter says

    There is no gravity, the earth just sucks.

    And, David is actually Dr. Jonathon Hemlock! What a cunning disguise.

  5. Linus says

    Hey, my nemesis is an 11-year-old boy in my neighborhood. He's such a damn know-it-all. So, you know, could be worse.

  6. En Passant says

    … my arch-nemesis is, as ever, physics. Gravity in particular.

    Gravity lurks in wells and traps even the educated unwary who disregard 19th century findings of classical physicians: a doctor should attend the sick, and leave the well alone.

  7. Captain Obvious says

    My arch-nemesis is the dastardly Professor Subtle, against whom I battle in many comic book and television episodes, but Professor Subtle never fails to reappear in subsequent episodes. This could be because I have failed to apprehend him or adequately beat the snot out of him, or because, as I have pointed out on several occasions, "It's all retcon's fault!" – obviously.

  8. fred zeppelin says

    I find it hilarious that gravity is your nemesis. after all, it's not just a good idea, it's the law!

  9. says

    The Evil League of Evil, which is the arch-arch nemesis of the Guild of Calamitous Intent and all other upstarts, approves of Gravity and would also appreciate Emperor Grog's contact details.

  10. Shelby says

    Word has it Phil Foglio may be able to offer some insight on Grog. In particular, try cookies.

  11. Joe Pullen says

    So – from the above author’s arch nemesese I might deduce the following – namely that . . . .

    (1) Patrick overindulged in a barrel of Space Grog thereby missing Emperor Grog’s appearance in "Möbius Dick" where his name real name was finally learnt.
    (2) Ken’s taint is so overwhelming that no serious arch nemesis dares come within snorting distance.
    (3) David wears turtlenecks and enjoys staring at rocks.
    (4) Grandy has bought into the scientific community’s hocus pocus belief in gravity. I mean really, who believes that the Earth’s rotation creates some mysterious force called gravity which keeps us from falling into space. Space is up – things fall down.


  12. Gal says

    I approve of whatever destruction, defilement, and dastardly deeds emperor Grog wishes to visit upon New England.