Talking the talkies

How will you be passing the time as Hurricane Sandy– aka "the Frankenstorm"– passes your way?

We'll be watching 1930s and 1940s movies unless and until the power goes out. Our goal is to make it through at least one flick by each of the actors who have possessed and now torment actor Scott Ratner's mind:

('Like' the vid if you like the vid!) Good thing he became obsessed with talkies instead of silents. But I hear he also does a mean Buster Keaton and a passable Harold Lloyd.

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  1. AJ says

    I expect we'll lose power at some point (Baltimore), so we're charging up various electronic devices now. For the kid I foresee a lot of handheld videogame playing after the power craps out, and a lot of reading for me and the husband. Perhaps some pattern-drafting. That's boring, but there probably won't be anything better to do.

  2. says

    Infrequently I'm grateful to be in Texas, although BF was visiting home in the Dominican Republic when both Irene and Sandy hit there, oddly.

  3. Nicholas Weaver says

    As a Californian, I'll just be laughing my ass off, as all we have to deal with is the occasional from Ms San Andreas (and traffic that would make Lucifer cringe…)

  4. Joe Pullen says

    Like M, I'll be hanging around in Texas having had all my travel plans for next week kabollexed.

    Remindes me of a presentation I did some 20 years ago on security and disaster preparedess where someone asked me "should I open the window when a tornado is headed our way to equalize the pressure in the house so the windows don't blow out" to which I replied "not to worry, if the tornado wants the windows open, it will open them for you"

  5. Anita says

    According to M's map, I may need to hit the liquor stores in my St. Louis location. It seems the weather might miss us entirely, though (so St. Louis!). Better stock up, just in case.

    In reality, we're not in the path of Sandy unless things go drastically fubar. I hope everyone 'round here stays safe.

  6. says

    @Joe Pullen: Ah, Darwin Award candidates. It amazes me that our species has survived beyond the mythology-laden days of yore, in the central U.S. anyway…