Strung out?

Addicted to good music?

Here's a link to the schedule of upcoming performances by Ana Vidovic. I've written of her persuasive charms before.

Do yourself and/or a loved one the favor. Seriously.

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  1. SA says

    Thanks for the recommendation, that's truly lovely playing.

    *Jealous of those who will get to hear her in person* She's not performing within 250 miles of me for another 6 months.

  2. Jess says

    Wow she is great. I LOVE acoustical guitar – will zip over to Amazon via your link and see what she has available.

  3. Gideon says


    I hypothesize a definite relation between appreciating a "ridiculously magnificent bit of Bach" and having something useful to say about First Amendment jurisprudence.

  4. says

    @Gideon Are you under the impression that this is a law blog about first amendment jurisprudence? If so, you are sorely mistaken.

    In any event, I have little useful to say about jurisprudence, and will defend to the death my right not to say it. ;)

  5. Gideon says

    @David I chose the wrong word with 'jurisprudence'. (I'm not a lawyer.) But what's the right one? The notion for which I lack a word is the mode of civic living that's "pointed-to" by First Amendment jurisprudence.

    My impression so far is that this isn't a law blog, but a human's blog. (Thanks, BTW, for blogging.)