"Do Not Taunt Mat"


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    Well, what does this mean for those of us with a pregnant women glued to doormats fetish? I mean, those of them. Those. Those people who have that fetish. Which I've heard about. From other people.

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    I'll confess: I read Patrick's post title as "Do Not Taunt" Mat, and expected something along the lines of those sovereign individual/natural law/lunatic (OK, that wasn't nice) signs warning gov authorities that they have… no.. authority on said SI's property.*

    Hmm. Maybe the feds could establish a "Do Not Taunt" list. Carreon and Romano could be the first to sign up. But Ken's going to end up owing a sizeable fortune to pony-taunted spammers.

    (And for the record, "Do not taunt mat" now replaces my previous favorite product disclaimer: "Warning: Do Not Eat. Not A Food Item." on a paid of plastic shoes stays.)

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    Well, you know, it's important to have ground rules when your function is having people walk all over you. Heck, they forgot the safeword.