I Knew This Day Would Come.

Four years ago, I created a Facebook account. Just so that one day, I could do this.


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  1. Dan Weber says

    When I heard the news on NPR, I wondered if we would get another "bullet to the head" post here.

    For some reason, I thought "no." I don't know why I thought that.

  2. says

    The account, by the way, has thousands of friend requests, which I'm busily accepting.

    It only lists 44 because that's the number since I last accessed it.

  3. Pham Nuwen says

    I never post here but I have to give props where props are due.

    Well played, sir. Well played.

  4. Grifter says

    I'm suddenly reminded of the old vector graphics Star Wars arcade cabinet (which I would give valuable parts of my anatomy to own), with its muffled rendition of that saying. In my mind, it's become a flying oil well trying to blow up the… ISS? Something like that, anyway. Look the point is: This post is awesome.

  5. darius404 says

    For anyone interested in being best buds with Venezuela's Dear Leader (and one of "Chavez's" newfound friends unironically called him that), Popehat's Facebook post on this now has a comment linking to his profile.

  6. Shane says

    ::shaking head slowly side to side::

    Patrick you are a fucking genius. There I said it … GENIUS.

  7. Tim says

    Not as many followers as the official page. I find it interesting that people are even able to find it..I had to link through Popehat to get there. Also that people think it's a legitimate page since it lists Chavez as the president of Chile.