Wednesday Diversions

I can't smack you with a gigantic wall of teal deer every day. My fingers would fall off.

So — instead, here is some short-form fun to pursue. Some of it may have been featured here before.

Literally Unbelievable: Some people taking The Onion literally, some people pretending to in order to get on this site.

The "Blog" of "Unnecessary" Quotation Marks: I want to "punch" all of these people directly in the "taint."

Animals Talking In All Caps: These animals amuse me. And they would never abuse quotation marks.

Fat, Ugly Or Slutty: People on the internet are assholes. This falls into the whistling past the graveyard category. The people who are unbalanced by the mere existence of the project are particularly risible examples of humanity.

Not Always Right: Remember what Dave Barry says: someone who is nice to you, but rude to the waiter, is not a nice person.

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  1. says

    Thanks for these, Ken; especially the Not Always Right link. The first two sites were already in my favorites… "Literally Unbelievable" gets at least one visit daily from me.

    I'd also recommend Literally Misused… you'll literally laugh your ass off!

  2. says

    Ken, you're probably thinking of "Literally, a weblog" which used to be the go-to source for the misuse of literally, but it went dead sometime last year.

    Years ago, I saw an ad in the back of a magazine for some sort of memory improvement. The ad featured some customer testimonials, with one of them being, "Thanks to this program, my mind is literally a steel trap!"

  3. Lucy says

    I think the perception of teal is directly proportional to interest. Thank you for posting something. I have added some new bookmarks to my rounds.

    Can't think of a time teal came to mind reading Ken posts. Just love your interpretations, predictions, perspective, and expertise, not to mention the characters you attract which only further color the ambience here, but not with teal.


  4. CourtneyLee says

    Not Always Right is great–I like that, along with stories of shitty/stupid customers being asshats to service-oriented employees, there are also stories of decent customers standing up to the asshats.

  5. Jim Tyre says

    Ken, we need the scoop. White smoke has been seen at the Vatican. Will he who wears the popehat be the new Pope?

  6. Jim Tyre says

    We wuz robbed, Ken didn't win! And because the ballots were burned, there will be no talk of hanging chads.

    I must say, Ken looked might impressive wearing the popehat to the Prenda Law hearing on Monday. Wonder whether he'll do that again.

  7. Joe Pullen says

    @Brian J – actually I meant to highlight the wordplay of being irreverant versus reverent but my "relevant" blockquotes have rendered my comment "irrelevant"