Ask Me Anything On Reddit

So I'm doing an Ask Me Anything On Reddit today, 1-4 PST.



Edit: Done. That was fun.

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  1. Matthew Cline says

    To prove my suitability to post on Reddit, here is a video of one of our cats eating my son’s homework:


  2. IANAL says

    We need more Prenda news! April 1st is too far away!

    (Just for the record, I realize that the hearing is actually on April 2nd.)

  3. Myk says

    Prenda news? AF Holdings has just acquired the rights to all the images on IAD. All the Chance Trahans have been hired to design website templates for various Prenda organs, and they used freeform rap to announce the win. Craig Brittain has been hired as Ethics and compliance director for Salt Marsh Trust.

  4. Kreshon says

    Well done. I am not a regular visitor to reddit but did enjoy lurking there. Thanks.

  5. Dan Weber says

    My house has a cat that looks *exactly* like yours. I showed that video to my wife and she wondered where I uploaded our cat to the Internet.

    I'm wondering how to leverage this.

  6. bandersnatch says

    I always assumed that you were way too cool to need compliments (or comments) from somebody like me, but I noticed you mentioned commenters several times in the AMA, so I thought I'd pop back over here and say "Thanks!" for all the great blog posts. I read pretty religiously, but I don't think I've ever actually left a comment before. :)

  7. Lucas Perin says

    Sad to have seen the announcement too late to participate.

    As many have said, thank you for blogging!