Pimp Your Blog, Spring Edition

We haven't done one of these in a while, and I'm waiting for some responses about some contemplated posts and am generally lazy, so let's give this another shot.

Have you written a blog post you're proud of? Created some art that moves you? Gotten mentioned in the newspaper in a non-humiliating way? Found something you want to promote? The comments are open. Promote yourself, your kids, your friends, your bizarre and frankly disturbing social and political interests (within reasonable decorum, please). Have at it. (Remember comments with more than one link will get shunted to spam).

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    Aaaand I completely forgot to link to anything in my dumbass comment. So I guess I'll sit this round out as punishment.

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    Well, I am writer Guest of Honor at Conglomeration this weekend. I'll also note that my two fiction books (and a ton of RPG supplements) are available on Amazon, do a search for "Ian Harac", my putatively legal name. (I'm a lot better known, online and off, as Lizard.) . Since I have only one link to give (sounds like a soap opera), I will point to my wife's Etsy store, http://www.etsy.com/shop/HandsofHope . HandsOfHope is a charity run by, staffed by, and otherwise solely managed by, my wife. It is a registered non-profit (401c). She makes, and sells, amigurumi (and patterns for same), which is Japanese for "insanely cute crocheted things". She uses the money she raises to provide needlework and other crafting kits and instruction for girls in Nigeria and Peru, to give them a useful skill and to help them form mutually supportive groups — the crafting provides a nucleus for them to come together around. It's a very small charity, raising a few hundred a year at most, but 100% of the money raised goes into the charity. She coordinates with the Girl Child Network, which is what actually distributes what she purchases and mails. Each item in the store is, of course, unique and hand-crafted. If you see an item which has been sold, but want one, she'll be happy to make another for you.

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    Permit to pimp my Mock Ramblings. It updates daily during the week; topics include mad science, zombies, superhero bar stories, parenting stuff, fake personal ads for video game characters, and other such randomness.

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    I maintain a song blog called Ten Dollar Terrors. It's a song blog because the posts are songs, and they appear approximately once a week, give or take.


    Subjects: murder, suicide, murder-suicide, crime, perversion, beauty and malaise, ghosts and demons – plus, the occasional love song.

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    Though unrelated (mostly) to law and liberty, my bbq & beer blog fits nicely in the Third Prong of Popehat: Leisure. Mainly the blog is meant to accompany my post-infarction autopsy report and serve as a how-not-to guide for healthy living.

    In the meantime, I wrote a Fair Use post after local internet marketing wizards misappropriated some content. I thought it was pretty good, if not entertaining to write: http://simpsonbbq.com/2013/01/30/in-which-i-explain-my-copyright-to-new-media-professionals/

  6. R. Penner says


    Not a blog, but my involvement combatting the idea that irrational abstract fears by few should constraint the activities of many, which climaxed for me in a 2010 trip to Honolulu to attend a Federal Appellate hearing. Unusual since one of the plaintiffs of the original case has contributed to same thread. Includes the District Decision at post #35, page 2, Summary of Plaintiff's appeal at post #95 on page 5, US Reply to appeal at post #117 on page 6, Amici brief extracts at post #125 on page 7, post #279 on page 14 and post #283 on page 15 cover the appellate hearing with decision at post #295 on the same page and the (denied) petition to an en banc appeal at posts #320 – #336 on pages 16-17.

  7. Nate says

    I think Ponies in Space could be a new genre of cartoon. Also outer space is pretty cool.

    Thanks Popehat for indulging all my silly legal questions. I really enjoy reading what you guys and all the commenters write!

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    Started a new podcast that is turning out to having a bit of a libertarian and geek bent. Processional life and alcohol in SoCal, sports (especially) MMA, hair, and what it takes to be Mexican in the US (SPOILER: it’s probably citizenship from Mexico)

    In iTunes as "2MexicansinHB"

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    Longtime Popehat fan; extremely new blogger. Ken's "conversations with kids" series was subliminally responsible for me gathering my own "life with kids" anecdotes into one place. Check out the "anticipate!" and "sorry I asked" posts for a good overview.


    Thank you, Popehatters (Ken, Patrick, et. al), for the consistently and thoroughly entertaining and equally (though less importantly) informative posts over the past few years.

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    I put an awful lot of work into my Gideon's day post about a great service here in Chicago, 1-800-LAW-REP-4 (I even got a quote from the Executive Director of the Bronx Defenders), and nobody has shown it any love.

  11. Tim says

    In the state of Colorado, I'm in the middle of a citizen initiated ballot proposal to amend the state constitution to undo gun magazine limits.

    With Diana DeGette's recent public meltdown and her PR's immediate attempt at cover-up, wrote this article that I'm personally proud of, even if it's not the best thing ever.


    And if you want to see our funding page where I've attempted to deal with a troll, use the same base URL but remove "blogspot" and the tail.

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    I'm riding the 2012 MS 150 to raise funds to battle multiple sclerosis. If I can raise $500 from Popehat readers, I will wear a Prenda Sux bandana across the finish line. If I can raise $1000 from Popehat readers, I will also wear a "Who's Alan Cooper?" t-shirt.

    Donate here

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    I'm still writing smut, though I haven't published anything since 2011 because I can't seem to f'ing finish anything anymore. I don't really crave more blog traffic, since I'm a desultory blogger at best, but I'd love more Twitter followers b/c all my friends have more than me and it's hurting my self esteem. My Twitter feed.

    I frequently tweet links to articles about civil liberties, cultural stuff (especially music), and sex. I bitch a lot, too.

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    Not my blog, but… A is For

    From the website:

    A Is For serves as an ally and advocate for organizations working to protect reproductive rights; we are a unifying forum utilizing social media to spotlight issues and encourage activism. A is for All of us.

    To donate, click here.

    Funds raised will be used to help the Center for Reproductive Rights and other organizations to inspire action in the continued fight for women’s equality and freedom.

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    Would you like to hear today's youth receive advice from a Korean war veteran whose narration can be safely understated as "unreliable?" Here's where my former alter ego lies in state:


    Here's a brief(ish) taste:

    "Livenluv –

    It would appear that your relationship with your parents is not where you’d like it to be. They’d prefer that you’d stay 15 and unsullied forever while you’d rather grow up and get on with the sullying…

    I understand this issue all too well. My parents were incredibly strict. Why, I was nearly nine before I realized our house even had windows. I didn’t actually get to enjoy the front yard until I was fifteen.

    My two brothers and I were protected from anything and everything, not so much for our sake, but to allow our parents to live their lives as though it were still several decades earlier. We were kept inside at all times and busied ourselves with sweeping the dirt floor, dusting the dirt walls and reading selections from an 1897 Sears-Roebuck catalog…"

  16. Drive Like Jehu says

    A little music I helped along, from somewhere between Kentucky and Keynsham:

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    Here's a video of a chocolate lab puppy taking a min pin for a walk. The min pin's name is Pudgey which is not appropriate since she's on a diet and gets lots of excersize. The lab's name is Chris, but I call him "Nobody likes you. . . Go away!" That might be the last photos of the furniture before the lab ate it.

  18. Steven says

    My wife will be defending her finance dissertation in a few weeks, and the main idea can be understood by educated muggles. A slightly out-of-date version is here:

    The basic idea is that firms are more likely to defer irreversible investments (e.g., the decision to build a new plant) when there is uncertainty about the payoffs that is going to be resolved soon. For example, if the state in which the firm is headquartered has a gubernatorial election coming up, a firm on the margin may wait until after the election to make a large investment. Indeed, she finds that investment dips before an election, especially a close election. The beauty of using gubernatorial elections is that she can use an American sample (so the firms operate in more similar environments than they would in an international sample) and that almost all states have four-year gubernatorial cycles (so with a handful of exceptions, all states have the same number of elections) but there are states with gubernatorial elections each year, so the effect she's capturing isn't just a coincidence in a couple of time-series (as it could be if she only looked at American firms and presidential elections). Also, there are some stories that lower investment causes closer elections — the result she finds, with the causality running the opposite way — but because most states have term limits for their governors, she can compare races in which the governor can't run again with races in which he could.

  19. Merissa says

    I'm smart enough to understand physics even though I'm dyscalculic. I'm generally a nice person, and also very funny if you like sarcastic and gallows humor. I also have fantastic hair.

  20. Alan Bleiweiss says

    Okay I just came to the site to see if there was any update on Prenda because hey, it's been too long since the "12 minutes"!

    And here I am now, $200 lighter in the wallet thanks to Joe and AztecLady.

    Ken, I think you're brilliant for finding a subtle way to help readers shed money.

    What's my contribution then to this bizarrely friendly community link love? I'm a forensic SEO consultant (one who actually believes in ethics, and even sustainable SEO concepts) so I really don't think it would be very wise for me to anchor-stuff a link…

    Okay how about this? I love helping attorneys and law firms improve their web site's organic search rankings. Correction- I love helping anyone who can afford my rates. :-) But seriously, I have helped several law firms out of the several hundred clients I've helped.

    So if you're inclined, check out my site. And even if you just have a couple SEO questions, hit me up – tell me you saw this on the PopeHat site, and I'll answer them, no charge! Honest!

  21. Alan Bleiweiss says

    That's great Angela! So good to see kids encouraged to think things through, come up with creative and unique solutions!

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    Oh what the hell. I'll play – if only for the chance of playing (t)sock puppet. This thread needs a little knitting content to round it out, right? So this is me, blog-wise: http://www.tsocktsarina.com/blog/ – and what I'm proud of artistically right now is the subject of the most recent post, "Garden of Bright Images," which has made some noise in the knitting world of late. (Hah – I bet there are some Kai Lung readers in this crowd, amirite?) And I'm also pleased with my knitted mini-debunk of the so-called Mayan so-called Apocalypse ("Atsockalypse Not").

    But to take it to a beyond-socks level – go you back to "Just When You Thought It Was Safe" and "Candygram" for the silly tshark that went so viral that it spurred about 30 grand in post-Sandy hurricane relief donations, as a result of "World Without End" and its two sequels. (Sorry no individual post links – I don't want to get hung up in moderation – but I blog so infrequently these days that all these are still in the sidebar list.) My sense of time is a little wonky – I'm only just getting around to closing that down now – but with road/dune reconstruction going on 24/6 (they take Sundays off, but otherwise they're at it around the clock) in front of my house I'm never in danger of losing sight of the point of the exercise.

  23. corporal lint says

    I have an entirely pointless Twitter feed called Fantasy_Names where I occasionally dump the output of a list of fantasy/sci-fi names randomly generated from a database I put together for my Out of the Park Baseball league. I have ~6000 names total, plus about 1300 announcements of upcoming matches (under the #fantasysports tag). I will eventually semi-automate this to get them all out in good order.

    As a sneak preview, the post of name #2589 will be "I dub thee: Flacco the Wistful." Name post #4077 will be "I dub thee: Grzymala ibn Khalaf." The post of sporting match #51 will be "Hundred Acre Wood Sea Hermits vs. Laws Vermilion Puddings." Sporting match #902 will be "Skull Island Cistern Fiends vs. Durkon Psionic Viruses."

    How can you pass that up?

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    I have a little blog where I rant a little about the necessity for good evidence in every day life. It was intended to be about every day, conventional medicine, but has turned into a bit of a homeopathy tangent lately. It's at evidencebasedskeptic.wordpress.com, for those who care to come see :)

  25. Undertheradar76 says

    Funny, I've just been looking into finally doing a blog to showcase my work (printmaker, digital artist, metalsmith.) Maybe this will be the impetus to get off my ass and do it.
    What blog platform should I go with?

  26. Alan Bleiweiss says

    Undertheradar76 the most popular, widely supported and flexible blog platform out there is WordPress. Many hosting providers now offer quite inexpensive WordPress hosting and many of those also provide installation through filling out just a few clicks of the mouse and filling out a web based form.

    As for hosting providers, you'll get a lot of different opinions. Personally I have been using GoDaddy for many years. If all you need is a blog, they have WordPress hosting as a separate stand-alone service that currently costs $2.99 a month for the entry level.

    Another reason I use them (I have a half dozen sites) and recommend them is if you get stuck doing something, and if you get an experienced support person on the phone, they will be happy to walk you through the process right on the phone.

  27. RogerX says

    I started a new blog this year. I paid a graphic designer $400 for the logo. The content has not yet been forthcoming. (Hurry up, brain.)

    The most recent post is not indicative of the general focus of the blog (skepticism / libertarianism), but it might give you a smile.

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    @Kinsey: YAY! Glad you like them. I'm having fun writing them. (And sometimes watching them.. but only sometimes.)

  29. R. Penner says

    Follow up:
    Angry District Judge is Angry

    The court notes that a myriad of other reasons exist to dismiss this case. If the court determined that issue preclusion did not bar Mr. Wagner’s causes of action, the court would nevertheless issue an Order to Show Cause why the case should not be dismissed for failure to comply with Rule 11(b) of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure. The court is convinced that this case has been filed for the purpose of harassing the Defendants. The Second Hawaii court labeled Mr. Wagner a vexatious litigant for commencing at least five civil actions that were determined adversely to him, as well as for filing in bad faith numerous frivolous motions that were intended for the sole purpose of causing unnecessary delay. The number of instances of Mr. Wagner’s fraudulent conduct, false representations, and unauthorized actions listed by both the Second Hawaii court and the Nevada court are too legion to list here. As one example, Mr. Wagner was able to obtain a default judgment against WBGI without its knowledge by telling the Second Hawaii court that WBGI did not have any officers or directors and that WBGI did not object to the default being taken. [footnote, citation omitted] Given this background, it is highly unlikely that Mr. Wagner’s current suit was brought in good faith. It is also doubtful that Mr. Wagner’s Complaint satisfies the pleading standards required by Rule 8 of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure. It is even doubtful that the court has jurisdiction to hear this matter, as Mr. Wagner presents no federal question and bases his claim to diversity jurisdiction on unsupported assertions that the amount in controversy is over $75,000. All of these observations support the court’s decision to dismiss the case.