My Streisand Effect Article Today In the Daily Journal

Today the Daily Journal published my column "Protect Your Client's Online Reputation Without Running Afoul of the 'Streisand Effect.'"

It's behind a paywall. But much of the advice I give is paraphrased from this post from last July.

It was the Daily Journal's idea to use, as a graphic on the story, an enormous picture of Barbara Streisand's house. Well played.

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  1. Jim Tyre says

    I haven't seen the dead tree issue yet. But the online version doesn't have a picture of Streisand's home, it only has a picture of Karl Rove.

  2. Dannyj119 says

    I find it a bit humorous that this post is tagged "free speech", and the article is behind a paywall.

  3. Bob says

    If it looks like "Babara", sounds like "Barbara", and was born "Barbara", it's not the end of the world to call her "Barbara" imo.

  4. Gal says

    @ Hasdrubal; I was looking for something to do with the next couple of hours, thanks for the idea.

  5. Merissa says

    OT, sorry.

    I want to thank Popehat for preventing my spending the rest of my life as an unconcerned citizen. I was a firebrand for equality, socialism, and social justice fresh out of high school, but have gotten old and tired and prone to ignoring anything that doesn't affect me immediately.

    Since reading this blog, though, I've found that suddenly free speech violations are a big deal again. Following that, lack of fair trial and other correct procedures in the justice system. I once more notice these things more than in passing, am outraged by them, and feel compelled not only to run off at the mouth, but to act. In fact, I've again become a full-fledged person who gives a damn and concerned citizen of not only the U.S., but the world.

    I turn 30 in June. Thanks for ruining my peaceful twilight years.

  6. says

    We're all happily married here, Merissa, and therefore unavailable to destroy your happiness relationally, so we did what we could.

  7. joe pullen says

    @Merissa – welcome to the club. I discovered this place in late 2011 – I haven't been the same since.

  8. Tony J says

    Everything at once? The Economist Online had a brief article explaining the Streisand Effect last week.

  9. Astro says

    /sigh, as someone that is staring down 60. hearing that after 30 is twilight very depressing. You, Merissa, are in the golden days, past teen angst, past the 20's of discovering yourself, into the 30's and 40's of self actualization. Your time is now. Make a difference. You have energy, understanding and finances to make that difference.

    In 20 years your viewpoint will turn to family and grand kids and preparing for retirement. So your action point is NOW.

    Thanks. And get off my lawn!!!

  10. Merissa says

    @Astro: I was mostly being facetious, but I do appreciate the pep talk. This blog is also inspirational in the sense that there are clearly people older and busier than me still making a difference in the world, which makes it hard to justify sloth!

  11. says

    One comment about the original article. It assumes that the person who you are having the disagreement with is in the United States.

    I've been hit with a DMCA notice by someone who was upset with what I'd said. He was rather upset when I pointed out that my site was hosted in Canada, and that the DMCA wasn't applicable. I did invite him to file a lawsuit in Toronto, he declined.

    It's the same thing with the First Amendment, it doesn't apply in Canada. Or in England, Australia, New Zealand, or any other English language speaking country. The Internet being International in scope, the site you are having an issue with may not be subject to American law.