Our Plan For World Domination Proceeds Apace

Numbers courtesy of David, who found them on WordPress:

Average visitors per day, 2009: 1,834
Average visitors per day, 2010: 2,277
Average visitors per day, 2011: 3,135
Average visitors per day, 2012: 10,964
Average visitors per day, 2013 (so far): 18,169

Visitors per annum, 2009: 670,000
Visitors per annum, 2010: 831,000
Visitors per annum, 2011: 1,144,000
Visitors per annum, 2012: 4,013,000
Visitors per annum, 2013 (113d/365d): 2,054,000

Reality check: we could increase that by an order of magnitude by focusing exclusively on pictures of ungrammatical cats.

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  1. Jeroen van Rijn says

    Or moodily lit pictures of toothpaste tubes.
    Or ponies.
    Or a combination of the three.

  2. Joel says

    I wonder how much of the increased traffic has come from all the attention the Prenda fiasco has attracted. I know that's how I discovered the site. I came for top-notch Prenda analysis and commentary, but I stayed for the ponies.

  3. Austin says

    This somewhat mitigates the specific damage the shennanigans of the Carreons and Prendas have caused by providing a general (albeit indirect) benefit.

    To the extent that others, as I did, first visited this site over coverage of The Oatmeal saga or Prendageddon but then stayed for the commentary on a wide variety of other issues the net result was Carreon/Prenda -> More Popehat readers -> More Informed Citizens.

    Even if my friends now have to tolerate this non-lawyer saying things like "sua sponte" or "Article III judge" in conversation, they've found real value in learning from Ken about Whale Sushi sentencing or in being reminded about Richard Jewell via Patrick.

    Thanks, Popehat. I hope your increased traffic comes with a satisfaction that there are more folks out there discussing the "marketplace of ideas" than there would be otherwise.

  4. Jon says

    "Reality check: we could increase that by an order of magnitude by focusing exclusively on pictures of ungrammatical cats."
    Meh, it's been done.

  5. Myk says

    I've been a daily visitor here since 'Anatomy of a Scam Ch.2'. There is, simply, a higher class of troublemaker here, and the snark more than makes up for any lack of actual ponies.

    Sidebench: Where is the whole UST thing at, anyway?

  6. naught_for_naught says

    I stumbled in here after reading your letter to Howard Schechter, attorney for Ecologica Furniture, which had been posted on Regretsy.com.

  7. ChrisTS says

    @Jeroen van Rijn

    Umm, I suspect the toothpaste tube thing is not a widespread taste.

  8. says

    Or moodily lit pictures of toothpaste tubes.

    Are you insinuating that we've got the maturity of 16 year old girls with access to Instagram?

    I resent that remark.

    I'll have you know that my maturity is more on par with that of a 13 year old girl.

  9. Jeroen van Rijn says


    People need something to do in this age when 3 deciduous forests buy a single packet of ship's peanuts. They might as well photograph something.

  10. Austin says


    I'll take the picture any day if it spares me the 1,000 words they might have unleashed otherwise!

  11. says

    As a loyal daily reader since 2007, is this where I come to collect my prize?

    Seriously, watching this site's growth has been like following the Beastie Boys' career trajectory – a bunch of amusing and clever, but otherwise kinda immature early stuff, followed by increasing amounts of pure genius and influence.

    I recall one post from awhile back (can't find the link) that taught me the invaluable lesson that the solution to being attacked by a pack of six year olds was to "stand up." This site still insists on teaching everyone to "stand up," but now it's to grown ups like Prenda L…..

    Ok, so you're all still writing a lot about standing up to children. But they're much taller children now.

  12. Kevin says

    I am one of the new visitors this year. Similar to prior comments, I originally found the site for the detailed (and humorous) analysis of the Prenda saga and have stayed for the genuinely interesting and entertaining reading.

    As an IP Attorney in Los Angeles, Ken's spin on things is right up my alley. While I have never handled a defamation or first amendment issue, I certainly find it very interesting. In the short time I have been reading the blog, I am amazed by how many ill-conceived threats are made or the number of bad attorneys that exist out there. Sadly, the latter should probably not be a surprise to me.

    Anyways, count me as a loyal follower who will continue to read every post.

    P.S. Ken, if Aaron Sorkin ever does a legal procedural, you should be brought on as writer/consultant.

  13. Steele and Hansmeier says

    Just a polite reminder that our referral fees are due within 30 days of quarter end. We would be grateful if you would send a check promptly as that's only a week away.

    Welcome to the big leagues.

  14. Ms. Cats Meow says

    we could increase that by an order of magnitude by focusing exclusively on pictures of ungrammatical cats.

    Combine the two – present your musings on legal doings via photo-essays featuring pictures of ungrammatical cats. Instead of LOL cats, you'll have LAW cats. "U are libel! Guburnz urselfs akkor ackord Behaves urselfs!

  15. Matthew Cline says

    I found Popehat because of Marc Whatshisname. The post where Ken coined the phrase "snort my taint".

  16. says

    "we could increase that by an order of magnitude by focusing exclusively on pictures of ungrammatical cats."

    Or get Prenda to sue ungrammatical cats.

    "This week is a surge with Clark's piece."

    Or get Prenda to sue ungrammatical cats captioned by Clark.

  17. says

    I just realized I posted that link to Regretsy a few days before Ken's wedding anniversary.

    Sorry if I opened that can of worms all over again.

  18. Pete says

    I'd pay to see Tara Carreon's face when she discovers this public declaration from the Illuminati that Our Plan For World Domination Proceeds Apace.

  19. Brett Middleton says

    The heck with the cats. I want to see the unexpurgated Things Ken Wrote While Angry Before Cooler Heads Intervened. Tell us about the self-esteem issues of SEC attorneys and other such trivia. I bet these could eventually be collected into a book that would make a mint!

  20. AlphaCentauri says

    I came in on "Anatomy of a Scam" as well. (And I've been hanging around waiting very patiently for the next installment. Which I hope means there will be something very, very good when it comes.)

    I think the Popehat bloggers have stumbled onto building readership the same way daytime soaps do — have multiple concurrent stories serialized, so while someone is checking for the next installment of the thread that first brought them in, they get hooked on a couple of new ones.

    Now I'm waiting with bated breath to hear the newest news on Prenda, when I'd never even heard of them before.

  21. says

    I only learned of Popehat at Judge Wright's March 11th hearing, but now I find I must check it several times a day, just to see if something new has been posted. This addiction also appears to be contagious. My wife has acquired it too. Now we sit at our respective computers, laughing at the latest filings in the the various Prenda (and other) cases.

  22. Canonical says

    *looks over at house-rabbit* Or by posting pictures of grammatical rabbits *goes to remove copies of Strunk and White and the Chicago Manual of style from bunny's fond embrace*

  23. Barry says

    It's because the law is funny, and Ken might be the reincarnation of A.P. Herbert. (I don't think that's libel).
    And happy IP day Kevin.

  24. Rhonda Lea Kirk Fries says

    Prenda is not the thrill of my life, so I'm glad it wasn't my introduction to Popehat.

    I wandered in following a post that landed in my FB feed. Since then, I've been an addict. Many of my friends are now addicts too, because Popehat is just too good not to share.

    Thanks for all the great writing. It's the highlight of my day.

  25. Kevin says

    I came for top-notch Prenda analysis and commentary, but I stayed for the ponies.

    This deserves to be quote of the month. Is there a nomination process?

  26. naught_for_naught says

    I found Popehat because of Marc Whatshisname. The post where Ken coined the phrase "snort my taint".

    I think I was a reference librarian in a previous life, or perhaps I will be in a life to come, and I'm just laying the foundation in this one. While I'm normally able to control my desire to nit-pick, a type of restraint advisable to someone who so often errs, I have this issue with the misuse of the idiom, "coin a phrase." I bring it here because I believe the group of people who hang out here are of significant number and influence to bring about a change to the national dialect.

    The expression, "to coin a phrase," means to repeat another's original phrase, passing it off as if it were your own creation. It comes from the origins of the act of "coining," meaning to counterfeit, that is in the days before paper money, counterfeiters would strike their own coins and pass them off as coins of the realm. So coining is not a good thing, then or now.

    So if I were to say, "Hey buddy, snort my taint — to coin a phrase," I am acknowledging that I am using some others creative work. It's a way of giving attribution. That's the right thing to do, giving credit to the original wordsmith who minted the phrase.

    Conversely, if I go around saying, "Hey buddy, snort my taint," without signaling attribution, anyone who hears me that also reads Popehat — apparently a pretty large group — would know that I am a derivative boob.

    So please, I ask your help with this. For original expressions it's to mint a phrase. For cribbed expressions it's to coin a phrase. Why does it matter, you might ask? Because the original meaning is just so much cooler, don't you think?

  27. says


    You point out that before "to coin a phrase" meant to innovate, it meant to crib. According to this chap here, even before "to coin a phrase" meant to crib (which it did, ca. 1940, per the OED), it meant what it now often means: to innovate!

    He cites an example of that usage from the 1850s.

  28. Anony Mouse says

    That's okay, Naught. I do the same with "have your cake and eat it too" (backwards!) and "begs the question" (you mean raises).

    I came in with the publicity of the Oatmeal case. And I too would love to see Ken White: Too Hot For Court.

  29. Jeroen van Rijn says

    @Jack B

    A reusable can of worms? I wonder when we'll see that appear on Shark Tank, and if so, who'll snap it up.

  30. TheOtherLisa says

    I don't remember how I found Popehat. I am not involved with the legal profession on any level but the writing here brings it down to my level while teaching *and* entertaining. It's one of the few blogs I also simply must click through to the page and get to the comments.

    It's wonderful to see a whole group of people that can spell. Don't get me started on proper grammar and punctuation. It's an internet oasis in a desert of derp.

    Wish there were more ponies however.

  31. AlphaCentauri says

    The real question is how much your stats would be lowered if you found a better way of blocking spammers ….

  32. alan says

    Dont forget those who read via rss. I rarely visit the site but read almost every post.

  33. Isaac Bresnick says

    Hey, and depending on how long Eugene Volokh's blog stays blocked by the government here, I may just start to regularly feed those numbers by 1, just to get my fix.

    And then won't you be sorry.

  34. naught_for_naught says


    You have identified my nemesis. Don't believe a thing he says, and I hear that he drinks — keep that on the DL, to coin a phrase.

  35. Will Nobilis says

    I am here because a random web search led me to find out Ken and Patrick (and someone named Mike) wrote about my pirate resignation letter way back on Apr 3, 2008…

    …I have stayed for the ponies though.

  36. Earle says

    Came for the Anatomy of a Scam (I think it was around Ch. 2 or 3) and stayed for the pony love | hate | wake-up-in-a-cold-sweat terror.

  37. wrk says

    Out of curiosity, does this include rss feed views? I read the site almost exclusive via rss.

    It would be interesting to see pageview increase correlated with various Internet issues, such as the Oatmeal event, and Prenda Law, etc.

  38. says

    I am here because a random web search led me to find out Ken and Patrick (and someone named Mike) wrote about my pirate resignation letter way back on Apr 3, 2008…

    @Will Nobilis,

    Why do you say "my pirate resignation letter"? Do you claim authorship? If so, when, where, and what's the story?

  39. Lucy says

    @ TheOtherLisa,

    Yes the oasis of the discussion threads. The posts are top notch, but the quality of the comment threads is another reason I refresh the pages.

    The Oatmeal brought me here. Having a situation in my life where court is unavoidable, the coverage of the Carreon debacle restored my faith in law humanity, which had been ravenously devoured by a good 'ole boy network that is our rural county court house. The term "fishing in a puddle" comes to mind.

  40. Lucy says

    The puddle being rural hell and not by any means Popehat. The point being Popehat-good- bigger waters-etc…

  41. efemmeral says

    This begs a question about the costs required to serve additional readers. How is the Amazon Affiliate program working? I run all my purchases through the Popehat portal but I bet many have forgotten. Maybe you have the whole thing covered.

  42. Joseph Ratliff says

    I hope your plan for world domination continues Ken, always. Found this site from Oatmeal in the Carreon fiasco.

    And yes, I did click on the "Become a Member of Popehat" link :)

  43. He really said that...?!? says

    According to my calculations, you're on pace for 6,634,420 views this year. Congrats!