the 21st century is weird

A conservative neo-prohibitionist feels that the only way to convince his libertarian-leaning audience that even soft drugs like pot are bad is to – wait for it – "take a big rip off a bong filled with 'Master Kush'".

You can't make this stuff up.

Bottom line: the 21st century is weird.

ICK: You think it's getting too weird around here?

CHRIS: Absolutely.

JORDAN: I didn't notice.

MITCH: I like it.

I kind of like it too.

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  1. says

    I'm sold! Ban it all and lock up everyone who isn't smart enough not to take a huge pull of a bong filled with 'Master Kush.' Next time this person should just chug a pint glass of Jack (legal) and then tell us it should be illegal because it made them sick. ;)

  2. Brett Middleton says

    I don't see any real surprise in the contention that marijuana has gotten stronger over the years. Prohibition drives such changes.

    Alcohol prohibition changed the drinking habits of Americans from beer and wine to hard liquor. Why? Because a bottle of booze is one heck of a lot easier to transport, store, and hide than is a case of beer. A truckload of distilled liquor is going to serve more customers and make a bigger profit for the bootlegger than will the same truck loaded with beer.

    The same thing happens with drugs, driving the market towards those with more bang in less volume. Cannabis varieties with higher potency allow you to get the same high with fewer plants. Crack cocaine replaces powder. Etc., etc.

    Unfortunately, the new habits engendered by prohibition persist long after prohibition ends, as they have with alcohol. The increasing potency of marijuana is another reason why drug prohibition needs to end, not a reason why we need to have more of it.

  3. Dave Ruddell says

    Oh man, Real Genius. One of the first movies I saw multiple times in a theater.

  4. En Passant says

    DieTrollDie :) nails it.

    TL;DR version of McInnes' argument is "I can't hold my liquor. Therefore it should be a crime for anybody else to possess, use or provide."

  5. Charles Buckley says

    Brett.. Actually, hard liquor was a very heavy component of American drinking prior to prohibition. What Prohibition did was move from drinking straight to mixed drinks and cocktails to cover the bad quality of hooch.

    What this is is nothing more than prolonged selection and selective breeding. Same thing occurs with any commercial plant. Sugar content in corn is much higher now. Potatoes are larger. Tomatoes are blander and easier to ship long distances.

  6. says

    hard liquor was a very heavy component of American drinking prior to prohibition

    Tangentially, I recently read a book on making hard apple cider. One very cool minor detail: one way to distill alcoholic cider is to leave a barrel in your barn over the winter. As the temperature drops the water freezes from the outside in, concentrating the alcohol more and more in the center of the barrel. When you're ready to drink it you remove the bung, heat a poker red-hot, and push it into the ice interior of the barrel, until it hits the liquid core, then you capture the liquid that flows out.

    Because ice distillation does not remove methanol and other problematic fractions like heat distillation does, the next day one would get "apple shakes" and "apple headache".


  7. eddie says

    Freakin' liberal arts majors.

    STEM stoners know how to calibrate their intake. More potent weed is a boon, the same way that concentrated dishwashing liquid and high-capacity flash drives are.

    If it drives away people like McInnes who are bad at math, so much the better. They probably aren't responsible enough to get high in the first place.

  8. MattS says

    Pierce Nichols,

    "Gavin McInnes really is an insufferable twit, isn't he?"

    At first I was inclined to agree with you, but on re-consideration I have decided that this is insulting to insufferable twits. :D

  9. Brett Middleton says

    Charles … I think the change in consumption patterns between softer and harder forms of alcohol due to prohibition is well documented. Consumption of beer declined drastically and consumption of distilled spirits increased drastically. I'm not saying that hard liquor was unknown prior to prohibition (which would be a hard case to make in a country that had a Whiskey Rebellion practically before the ink was dry on the Constitution), just that prohibition did have significant short- and long-term impacts on consumption patterns.

  10. joe pullen says

    @Dave Ruddell, I always thought the underground laboratory accessed via the dorm closet was classic. I want one of those in the next house I build.

  11. Orv says

    @Charles Buckley: Yes and no. One consequence of prohibition is you generally can't get milder strains of marijuana, even if you want to. In Seattle, where medical marijuana has been legal for some time, strains with lower THC content and higher content of other components are starting to get a following. This is causing some interesting legal issues, since in some case these strains fall below the THC content threshold for being legally considered "marijuana."

  12. Orv says

    @Clark: This is also basically how "ice beers" are made; the temperature is reduced until water starts to freeze out, then the ice crystals are strained out by a filter, reducing the water content and increasing the potency.

  13. says


    This is also basically how "ice beers" are made; the temperature is reduced until water starts to freeze out, then the ice crystals are strained out by a filter, reducing the water content and increasing the potency.

    What I find interesting, though, is not the mere freeze distillation, but the tapping of the ice block with a hot poker.

  14. Palimpsest says

    I had a lecture at a training by a Drug Counselor in Seattle. They said that they've found a fair amount of street pot had been laced with other drugs; meth, special k, and various other nasty stuff. The vendors are not hippies but part of the larger drug trade and they like having customers come back for more of that special blend.

    Hopefully this will go away with legalization.

  15. says

    @Clark – I never tried the apple stuff – so are the hangover effects pretty much a sure thing if you drink it – or is it only if you if you drink too much?

  16. says

    @Orv – I always thought Ice beers were just marketing spin for Malt Liquor – I know when I've drank the stuff, I got kicked in the a55 much quicker and had much worse hangovers although it could also be b/c that little voice that says "you've had enough – quit while you're ahead' seems to have never been enabled. Never looked it up but it sounds like it's legitimately different than regular beer… all I know is it packs a serious punch

  17. Josh C says



    Pretty much any hard booze you make will have a layer of wood alcohol (methanol) floating on top of the stuff you want. You get that with heat distillation too, but it's easier to deal with because it boils off first, and you can just toss out the first cup or so ( In ice distillation, there's nothing to separate the methanol from the ethanol, so you get a heapin' helpin' of poison with your poison.

    It's also possible (speculating freely) that apple distillation has some additional unpleasant compounds that would get denatured by heat, but aren't by cold. Again, pure speculation there.

  18. En Passant says

    naught_for_naught wrote Apr 26, 2013 @9:02 pm:

    Master Kush — This ain't your daddy's reefer.

    Depends on who your daddy is. Maybe your daddy doesn't recall Thai sticks, but plenty of granddaddies do.

  19. Merissa says

    CNP has obviously never actually tried Hindu Kush. I imagine anyone who's seen the wonders really good marijuana works on people's personalities would be in favor of not only legalizing it, but finding a way to get it into the water supply.

  20. Rabbit_Scribe says

    "You know that feeling when you’re blind drunk and you realize you had better throw up or you’re going to die of alcohol poisoning?"

    Not really, no. I'm certainly not familiar enough with it to preface it with, "You know that feeling…" as in, "You know that feeling when you get up to quickly and become momentarily dizzy?"

    "I still felt like I was going to barf but I drank it anyway and soon after, the room stopped whipping through the galaxy like a fucking syndrome!"

    Yeah, I got nothing.