Marian Call the DJ



Marian Call will be spinnin' the discs for KRNN this Wednesday night for a couple of hours from 8pm PST (11pm EST).

She says she'll be playing "music by [her] favorite artists — several Alaskans, several utterly obscure artists, and a few very popular ones".

MC puts the work in 'quirk' and the cover in 'discovery' and the fun in 'latifundium'! So if you're so inclined and you've got the time, feel free to stream netwise at .


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  1. Louis S says

    I've heard Marian's signing and she has an excellent voice. I'm hoping that some of the songs she plays includes some she may have heard on her recent European tour. I hope my internet plays the station well as I'm on the East Coast.

  2. orvis barfley says

    special comment here for special cause.

    i hope marian has some lige williamson to play.  lige hails from her neck of the woods and is a stunningly good bluesman in his peculiar way.  i have some of him with accompaniment but i've found him at his best lone on a stage with his tortured mandolin early bob dylan style.  blues?  mandolin?  yes.

    marian call.  clarian call.  i like that.

  3. orvis barfley says

    ok, i'm not the sharpest sponge in the bathtub, but i couldn't find any web access.

  4. orvis barfley says

    good news, though, i did find 75 ways to send them money.  i guess that's something.