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  1. says

    Heh.. one of my local newspapers has that scheme going on. The other day I got to read a few sentences then had to click a few things only to discover it was hiding about 3 sentences.


  2. Xmas says

    Of course, if you register with them, you don't see the ads…but what sort of loony wants to be tied to a libertarian magazine sponsored by the Koch Brothers.

  3. John David Galt says

    Is it? Why bother? It just makes Patrick look like a bigger baby than the target audience.

  4. different Jess says

    That's a truly obnoxious scheme. And then after all that Doherty's article was insipid. Having "liberal" politics means you shouldn't seek remuneration for your work? That's about as insightful as telling me that my opposition to many government programs means I shouldn't drive on the highways. And what was Ani DiFranco doing there? She didn't like the terms available in corporate employment, so she started her own business, and Reason is criticizing that? Is entrepreneurship only for non-tattooed deodorant-using men?

  5. says

    A private message between me and a couple of others that had to be delivered in this format.

    Please treat it, as I think Hugo Black described the Ninth Amendment, as an inkblot.

  6. naught_for_naught says

    JC! You delete my comment that asks a question in earnest about this image? HC!

  7. says

    @naught_for_naught: Click on the image, and you'll see your comment. It appears we both commented on the wrapper page around the image rather than on the post itself.

    Call us clickhappy.

  8. naught_for_naught says

    Thanks David. I guess this is all the push I need to actually get some work done today. Shovin' off.

  9. says

    naught, if you click around for a bit, you'll find your comment. I've done nothing to it.

    As with "Where's Waldo," you might be surprised at its location.

    Think of the Purloined Letter.

  10. says

    Patrick, Two comments: First, well-done rage post. You kept it simple. Kudos. Second, if you're going to keep this up, I think you need to get a graphics tablet. Works better than a mouse for entering handwriting.

  11. sorrykb says

    Windypundit suggested:

    I think you need to get a graphics tablet. Works better than a mouse for entering handwriting.

    I disagree. I think the mousewriting perfectly captures the crazy. :-)

  12. says

    Fuck you and your black Jacket, Gillespie

    Isn't addressing Gillespie and his jacket as separate entities considered redundant? Sort of like saying, "Fuck you, Carnage, and that symbiotic suit of yours."

  13. MZ says

    You have to wonder why they bother. Ignoring the whole adult diaper problem, presumably a huge portion of users will just click randomly so they can continue reading. How can the results have any possible validity?

  14. Kay says

    Because the point is to make you think about Huggies diapers, not survey you.

  15. Canonical says

    Rage written on a page called Rage On. It's really very meta when you thing about it. Or, perhaps, that's the cold medication talking. *goes back to really looking at her hand.*

  16. Pete says

    Patrick broke Reason. Wait till Biggus Dickus hears of this!

    PING reason.com ( 56 data bytes
    Request timeout for icmp_seq 0
    Request timeout for icmp_seq 1
    Request timeout for icmp_seq 2

  17. mojo says

    I, personally?

    Never, I'd say. They hadn't been invented when I was using such things.

  18. Daniel Neely says

    I had to turn off my ad blocker before I saw what Patrick was raging about…

  19. naught_for_naught says

    naught, if you click around for a bit, you'll find your comment. I've done nothing to it.

    I had hoped for once that the source of my frustration wouldn't trace back to me, but alas I am the perp one more time. (Deep sigh) Thanks for the clue, Patrick.

  20. me says

    Well, that's not nearly as bad as when The Atlantic ran that "article" about Scientology.

  21. Zac Morris says

    Yeah, you should totally do this for Popehat, but with questions about Ponies…