Miyoko Shida

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  1. says

    This is one of those videos that reaffirms the beauty of human existence… until you read the YouTube comments.

  2. Colin says

    @Jack B.

    Thank you for warning me. I shall not read the YouTube comments… to live with the reaffirmation that much longer.

  3. htom says


    Things I would have always said could not be done.

    Thanks for posting this, David, it brought cheers from me.

  4. Felix says

    There's something exasperating about watching a video about the power of concentration only to find distracting cutaways to the audience.

    What's next, a performance where the performers are the audience itself, and everyone sits around for an hour or two watching each other?

  5. BaronLurk says

    Talent comes in many forms … Ms. Shida fills a wonderful niche that (as demonstrated by the YouTube comments) many sheeple just don't appreciate.

  6. Ruth says

    Thanks, David. That was such a beautiful break from the chaos and rush of life.

  7. Ancel De Lambert says

    It would be much more enjoyable were it not directed and edited by a chimpanzee. This would be haunting and engrossing if it held a shot for more than ten seconds and didn't cover the screen in stupid faces I don't know and couldn't care less about.

  8. Jon says

    @matthew, thanks for the link. While Shida's performance is more impressive (the feather is a nice touch, and she's more precise), the direction of that other version is far superior.

    I can't help thinking — other countries seem to have a lot more patience for this sort of extended, meditative performance. I'm reminded of Kseniya Simonva's incredible painting on Ukraine's Got Talent a few years back (fingers crossed this works, otherwise search YouTube for it):

  9. Mike says

    The amount of planning and either math or trial and error that had to go into constructing that piece is astonishing. The shape of the pieces are all designed to make it more naturally balance, but that doesn't make balancing it *easy*.

  10. says

    This is one of those things that while impressive and amazing makes me wonder about the person who did it the first time… Hey, I bet I could balance everything. Like everything, man. It'll be awesome.

  11. Niall says

    Knowing the physics (and yes, math) involved behind it only makes me appreciate this more. I believe the whole weighs incredibly light, possibly each branch scarely more (yet have to be more) than the previous branch before for the balance to work. I knew she was going to put it up on the last curved piece, but for that to balance said piece all on its own… exquisite.

    Transitory piece and sculpture as much about the mind as about the principles behind it. Also, the hands, perfect poise, control and yes, concentration.

    Thank you.

  12. says

    This was so just flat out Bad Ass- why did some asshat have to do the constant flashes of white kanye, neck beard and the other motley crew members?

  13. Steven H. says

    Presumably, the asshat thought you needed to see the audience reaction to know how incredible the performance was.
    Alas for him/her/it, the performance spoke volumes all by itself, without the addition of the audience shots….

  14. TomB says


    I did that with the skeleton of a pony once, with its head balanced on the end.

    All to the theme of "The Godfather".

  15. Byte says

    The 'original' by Madir Eugster is indeed the best one, there are more me-too's e.g. Lara Jacobs Rigolo (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a3jGKvEjDwI) who gives proper credit to Eugster for the choreography. I remember the first time seeing Eugster perform this act and was awestruck… it appears he is in full control of every muscle in his body.