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That spam count seems somehow appropriate.

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  1. Zack says

    1051 tags.
    32 categories.
    8 pages.
    1 pending comment.



    Round down to 4.

    4-1=3. Half life 3 confirmed.

  2. says

    The number of the beast is the actual numerical value 666, or 616 depending on the manuscript; the string of sixes is just a base-ten thing. So 6,666 isn't theologically significant at all and probably just means Obama's the Antichrist. Somehow.

  3. SharonA says

    1,051 tags? yegads

    But I'm impressed that spam is less than 10%. Or is that just how much you've gotten today?

  4. JustAnotherPHfanboy says

    Frankly, that number seems way too low. 
    I'm guessing your IT guy (David?) has blocked entire countries
    and/or large swaths of domestic IPs known to be hacked proxies
    used by spammers.

    Not sure what CMS you're using, but it may be compatible with
    an auto-reporting API offered by
    (Stop Forum Spam).  I've set up several boards
    I'm responsible for to auto-import SFS's blacklist on a daily
    basis.  Not a perfect solution, but pretty damn close.

    The idea is to use a hive-mind approach, similar to some
    community-based email spam filters.  (It's certainly
    more granular than the sledge hammer approach). 
    The service is free, so you may want to check it out.

  5. says

    Spam is flushed periodically. This means that the number shown above may appear again at some point. This, of course, reduces any pseudo-significance its occurrence may have seemed to… possess.

    According to Akismet, our actual all-time spam count, as of this writing, is 1,135,479, a figure more than 170 times higher than the number shown. In truth, we have received even more than that higher figure, since Akismet has at various times flaked out and now performs better than it did once upon a time.

    Yes, we use blacklists and other techniques, too. One thing we have learned is that temporary or mistaken additions to blacklists can result in the banning of innocents. I'm forming an NGO to look into it.

  6. JustAnotherPHfanboy says

    "I'm forming an NGO to look into it".

    That should go almost as well as anything da gubbment has its hands in. <lol>