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Apparently in Massachusetts one teen anally raped a young man with a broomstick while two others held him down and then all three conspired to lie about the assault.

Who do these rapists think they are?

NYPD cops?

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  1. HandOfGod137 says

    Ooh, a new game! The Non Sequitur challenge!

    Let's compare them to Nazis next. They wear hats, the Nazis wore hats. QED.

  2. Tom says

    Is the new-tab/window link behavior on Popehat, where a middle mouse button click opens the link in the active tab as well as a new tab, well, deliberate? Both right clicking and hitting "new tab" as well as control-left-click work as I'd expect, as does my middle mouse button on most other websites which do not play with link behavior.

  3. Chris says

    er.. Non-Sequitur? My dictionary must be confused. It mentions something about:

    1. An inference or conclusion that does not follow from the premises or evidence.
    2. A statement that does not follow logically from what preceded it.

  4. ChrisTS says


    Granted, Clark does not present an argument, nor anything like a logical inference.

    I'm not sure what the point is,here. It seems that this recent violent incident reminded him of the similar one in 1997 so he thought he would …remind us of the latter?

  5. Jim Salter says

    Anything short of "was actively, physically fighting the two co-defendants off" is pretty much problematic for this case.

    What disturbs me the most about these kinds of cases is not really the cases themselves, but the fact that they exist in a world in which this kind of behavior is close enough to a line that people don't immediately and violently react to oppose it. How much "not quite as bad as actual forcible anal rape" has to be going on in order to make ACTUAL forcible anal rape something to HESITATE about?

  6. Anonymous Coward says

    I think HandOfGod137 means that there is no real reason to tie the incidents together. Was the implication that the teens were trying to be like that bad cop? It doesn't follow.

  7. Marconi Darwin says

    Disappointed. I was expecting a discussion on how Obama has conveniently not spoken about race because, look, Trayvon was a teen.

  8. babaganusz says

    at the very least, (though without sticking merely to the text & first tier of links in the OP) i interpreted the cut of Clark's jib as a snarkautionary intersection of a) widespread habit of police being held up as role models, b) kids learning a lot more from adults than adults ever expect/suspect, and c) how easy it seems to be for egregiously abusive officers to keep their jobs.

    and yet another quasi-derail based on the most exquisitely moronic/widespread traditionalized bastardization of Godwin's Law. even leaving aside that, if you're going to use the 'official name' of a meme, you might have an implicit obligation to grasp the origin and purpose from before it was malappropriated by the "lookit me i can haz in-joke" legion…
    dismissing a comparison without actually addressing its merit or lack thereof, but rather essentially hurling 'meritless!' at the comparison based on a virtual chestnut which (~back in the day~) implicitly addressed facetiousness and hyperbole… is Not Even Doing/Analyzing Argument Wrong.
    in my pipe-dream society, abusers are consistently required to clarify which corollary or fallacious bastardism they're adhering to (3rd footnote to the wikipedia entry has some gems).

  9. says

    Thank you, @babaganusz.

    In your first paragraph you touched my point with a pin.

    …and in your second, you raised some excellent points of your own – all of which, I think, I agree with.

  10. jb says

    Precisely. This is not a substantive Clark post, this is a step up from a snarky tweet. It's nothing more than "This is a horrible thing that happened, that is reminiscent of another horrible thing for which the perpetrators, who were cops, were not appropriately punished, probably for that reason."

    Now, if Clark had only encountered this story once the perpetrators in this instance had received some life-destroying punishment, we'd get a 7-paragraph post about how cops can get clean away with things that civilians appropriately are smacked hard for.

  11. HandOfGod137 says


    I was a tad facile, true. But in my defence I was merely attempting to match the tone and content of the original post. Of course, if there was a demonstrable causal relationship between the two incidents, then that would be different. But this just seems to be a playing-to-the-gallery "all coppers are bastards" thing. Which may or may not be true there in the USA, but certainly deserves a better argument than "bad thing happened involving NYPD, 13 years later another bad thing happened involving Massachusetts teenagers, ????, the police are evil".

  12. Castaigne says

    So, since there was no real point to your post, Clark, how about the terms of that wager? You threw it down, I picked up the gauntlet. But you've, ah, declined to reply so far.

  13. says

    I feel really stupid and maybe it's just my brain slowing down late at night, but I don't get the DeVry reference. I got the rest of the post and as Clark's #1 fanboy, I liked it, but can't seem to grok the Post Title. Any help here ;-( ?

  14. En Passant says

    Furrfu! It was a pointed wisecrack. Made perfect sense. Made me chuckle.

    Then I read all the comments. Over analyze much?

  15. No Name Given says

    Like Tom, I find the new behavior of the middle click on Popehat (opening the link both in the current tab AND a new tab) freaking annoying. Bizarrely, it happens in Firefox but not IE.

  16. Rob says

    Bill • Sep 3, 2013 @9:59 pm

    I feel really stupid and maybe it's just my brain slowing down late at night, but I don't get the DeVry reference. I got the rest of the post and as Clark's #1 fanboy, I liked it, but can't seem to grok the Post Title. Any help here ;-( ?

    DeVry University is a for-profit college that some see as being about one step up from a diploma mill.

  17. says

    I would just like to commend Clark for finding his shift key when composing titles.

    Patrick was getting cranky.

    You don't want to see Patrick when he's cranky.

  18. babaganusz says

    @Clark, much obliged for the confirmation/affirmation – a refreshing change from my typical yield (on the rare occasions there is a yield) of "what-on-earth-are-you-rambling-about?"s. perhaps practice makes perfectless-wrong after all!

    actually, i had returned at this time to ask: what's the likelihood of you doing a Ronald Coase tribute?

  19. babaganusz says

    @HandOfGod, I agree in that he surely could have found a 'fresher' tale of abuse, or (especially to cater to the audience in which i sit) one in which the perpetrators were held less accountable. ("Henry Killinger>Kissinger… how I'm missing-yer…")
    no beef with the tone of your response – a good match. i imagine there's a first-time visitor somewhere between daily and per-post, and who knows which will find (e.g.) Clark's posts honey and Ken's vinegar?* (personally, i came for/via The Oatmeal, stayed for the love of free speech/Python(Monty)/gaming/Lebowski/medievalia…)

    *just picking the most prolific from my casual observation; no disrespect to/dismissal of David, Patrick, et al.

  20. says

    DeVry University is a for-profit college that some see as being about one step up from a diploma mill.

    Not trying to bring the butthurt here, but a) "for profit" is a Good Thing, and b) the people who see DeVry as anything like a diploma mill do not have the first clue of that about which they speak.

    For starters, unlike some "not for profit" places of allegedly higher learning, it's actually possible to flunk out.

    Like almost half of my classmates did.

    I could go on (and on and on) but I won't.

    DeVry '96

  21. Nemo says

    Still trying to figure out what DeVry has to do with this. Have they entered into the trade school for lawyers gig, or is there something else implied here?