Request of the Day

In my inbox:

Please check your buffers / filters for a comment from "[handle]" that I attempted to post just after you closed the thread. I had started the comment when the thread was open. Please send me a copy of anything you find.

Re :

what is this i don't even


I responded with:

. . . . seriously?

He responded with this.

This is a for real request. My comment had three parts : a reasonable failure mode for the WTC, a reference to the Beirut Barracks Bombing and one gyrene's response, and my interpretation of E Pluribus Unum. Please take a look at your blog's buffers. Thanks for your time. [handle]

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  1. tsrblke says

    Clearly his comment was of such monumental importance that it cannot be lost, and since he failed to save a copy himself, he's screwed.
    (Does WordPress even have a filter for "closed" on many blogs, if a post is closed, as opposed to just moderated, the request doesn't even go through, and the comment never makes it to any "filter/buffer."

  2. TomB says

    Hey, at least he didn't instruct you to "govern yourself accordingly".

    Look for the little things (OK, VERY little).

  3. En Passant says

    Mr. [handle] shows possibility for great guest post. Guest bloggers can provide excellent links.

    [ducks and runs]

  4. nlp says

    Perhaps he thinks that since he started writing before you closed the comments he is entitled to have his comment appear?

  5. ysth says

    When comments were open you were making an offer to publish anything anyone wrote there. [handle] sent you a manuscript (so to speak) to publish, and you….stole it. That's really the only way to put it. [handle] is asking for it back, on the off chance you may not have shredded it.

  6. ysth says

    Often setting "Work Offline" and then using the back button will work; just the back button often doesn't.

  7. MCB says


    Seriously, everyone should get their buffers/filters checked twice a year.

  8. alexa-blue says

    Well, I found this site with a search for "World trade center" "e pluribus unum" and "beirut barracks bombing". To whom should I have the gift certificate sent?

  9. Kilroy says

    You fail to consider that society will now never get to experience that greatness that would have been that comment. This is right up there Bill & Ted level time travel necessity. If the comment was never posted, the peaceful perfect society will never come to be!

  10. Ashera says

    …a reasonable failure mode for the WTC, a reference to the Beirut Barracks Bombing and one gyrene's response, and my interpretation of E Pluribus Unum…

    Honestly, I kind of want to read it now.

  11. Dan says

    I have found a remarkable proof that 9/11 was an inside job, but this comment field is too small to contain it!

  12. Nick42 says

    Methinks you should be careful, Ken. You may end up on the wrong side of a FOIA lawsuit. This subject has obviously identified that you are a part of the sekrit gov'mint blog cabal.

  13. Virgil says

    We all know that if [handle]'s comment had been about the role played by ponies in orchestrating 9/11, it would have been let through despite the thread being closed, amiright?

  14. Burnside says

    To maximize the use of your more efficient buffers/filters, Consumer Reports suggests that you get your buffers/filters inspected each year by a BF professional, right before the Heating season. A quality Buffer/Filter should have a life of ten to fifteen years, if it’s kept in good condition.

  15. says

    Yes, Ken, please check your "buffers". Could you also search for my prior post about the inherent duality of man? Just go ahead and paste it into the admin search.

    I think my post was something along the lines of "And this is why Arguing With People On The Internet About God tends to be pointless, because '; drop table posts; drop table users;"

    Thanks in advance.

  16. En Passant says

    Dan wrote Sep 13, 2013 @6:08 am:

    I have found a remarkable proof that 9/11 was an inside job, but this comment field is too small to contain it!

    I hope it's not your last one until Ken flushes his buffers and fermats his disk to make room for it. Germain commentary will have to do until somebody with enough wiles comes along to accomplish that.

  17. Ron Larson says

    Check your blog buffers? Seriously? Ha ha ha.

    Deploy the UID deflectors! Change your turn signal fluid annually!

    Tell this nut job..
    (1) He can run his own blog to publish his material for free.
    (2) Walmart is having a sale on aluminum foil for hat material.

  18. Doctor X says

    WHO[m–Ed.] DO YOU WORK FOR Ken?!!!111!!eleVENTY!

    Yeah, my patience with tw00fers and their lot has worn thin beyond the ability to determine the thickness of really thin things.

  19. Angstela says

    Haha! I'm just happy to see this kind of crap happens everywhere. I see it most often on a play-by-post gaming site where a great many contributors feel that every sentence they type is gold and should be preserved at all costs by the site (but not so golden that they should, themselves, spend any time or effort to preserve their works for future generation).

    Oh, Internets! You so crazy!

  20. melK says


    … wait, wrong thread.

    … and now you see the ever-present danger of équidés mineurs.

  21. says

    Perhaps he could call his local NSA office and see if they have a copy of the HTTP POST request? I'd be willing to bet various keywords triggered an autosnarf of his submission.

  22. R R Clark says

    Ken, I am concerned that your buffer maintenance negligence has lost us the greatest manifesto of the last three hundred years. How do you intend to compensate me?

    (hint: I accept ponies.)

  23. Fasolt says

    Maybe RMZ Fire Safety should switch from invoicing for Safety Inspections to charging for Buffer Maintenance. That is much more believable.

  24. Fasolt says

    I'm ALMOST interested in reading his "reference to the Beirut Barracks Bombing" just to see where he goes with that. I had lunch one day with a marine that was there that day and wonder if his response would be the same as his gyrene's response.

  25. Ted K. says

    @Fasolt – My reference to the Beirut Barracks Bombing was to point out what the first responders at the WTC had in common with the gyrenes. Namely – Semper Fidelis. [Case in point : A television news report several days after the bombing had the Commandant showing a scrawled note written by one of the wounded gyrenes. It read "Semper Fi".]

    To me E Pluribus Unum is not a dusty phrase from a dead language. Instead it's a sort of prime directive that can lead to better communities. It's an invitation to all Americans to contribute to the common good. It can be physical like helping distribute food at a food bank / neighborhood pantry or virtual like commenting on a blog. The point is the many (Pluribus) contributing to the community (Unum).

    P.S. I did try the back button on my browser – no joy. I also did a text scan of my drive to see if something had been cached – again, no joy. IIRC comment forms some years back had a CC: checkbox that would trigger the sending of a copy of one's remarks to one's inbox. Sometimes upgrades are also downgrades.