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Simple comment bookmarking!

Thanks to lurker (and friend of the 'hat) Tony H. for providing a handy Javascript utility that allows readers of the site to mark their place among the comments and resume reading at that juncture. Tony rolled it for his own use, but was kind enough to share.

In the lower-right corner of each comment, you'll see a pushpin icon. If you click it, the browser will silently set a cookie remembering your place. Next time you visit that page of comments, look for the corresponding pushpin right at the top of the Comments section. Click it, and you'll scroll right down to the comment you previously marked (if it's on the present page).

That should allow you to pay attention to more weighty matters, such as correcting whoever's wrong on the internet!

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  1. Rob says

    Kind of redundant, isn't it? Each post could already be directly linked to/bookmarked by clicking the comment's time stamp.

  2. Matthew Cline says

    Nice. It'd help if it gave some feedback to the user, like a notice saying "Your place has been saved; when you come back to this page press the thumbtack right before the comments section, next to the comment count".

  3. Aaron says

    Ah, it does work! Though I second Matthew Cline's suggestion, and further that if the icon for the bookmarked post could be different, as in a 'pressed down' state, it would work better.


  4. onehsancare says

    So, where others see pushpins, I see "bookmark comment," and where others see the pushpin at the top, I see "resume thread from bookmark." This makes much sense, except to an ultra-literalist, who has been fruitlessly searching for pushpins.

  5. HandOfGod137 says

    Would it be possible to include a function to autolink from multiple sources (Wiki, The Grauniad, academic papers etc) that prove that one's current opponent is not only wrong, but definable as a massive asshat, purely from context? I would sell some of the less interesting members of my family to have such a thing.

  6. says

    @Kizone Kaprow

    When did commenting on the internet become an actual lifestyle? Anyone know the exact date?

    I believe gossiping to the priests of the oracle at Delphi may be the earliest well-documented example. Kagan is good on this.

  7. says


    Kind of redundant, isn't it? Each post could already be directly linked to/bookmarked by clicking the comment's time stamp.

    Not sure I see the utility either. If I want that feature I right-click the timestamp in a comment (next to the commenter's name) and select "save as bookmark" from the pop-up menu.

    Maybe other browsers don't have this functionality ? Still, no skin off my nose, so if others like it, mazel tov.

  8. says

    @Clark: Yeah, I just bookmark the timestamp, too. Works better for me because when I'm actively involved in a discussion, I often use the browser bookmark function to save notes for myself (easier than repeatedly scrolling back through comments for those reminders). But if all someone wants is a quick link to the last comment they read, so they can pick up the thread easily, I suppose the pushpin is OK.

  9. BaronLurk says

    Nice addition. Thank you.
    One suggestion for improvement: instead of at the Comments header, place the recall pushpin near the title of the article; in that way, one does not have to scroll down to find it.

    Granted, not usually a problem, but some epic tomes …

  10. AlphaCentauri says

    I see pushpins on the individual comments and get the Ex parte message, but there's no pushpin at the top of the comments section.

    Edit: Never mind, I'm seeing them on other pages, just not this one.

  11. efemmeral says

    Thank you! The comments can be personally invaluable. Example, the comments in the "Hope" post by AlphaCentauri and freedomfan about the certain onslaught of scams. My husband is brilliant in many areas but handicapped technologically; he also handles our insurance. Their comments shook me into realizing I need to be with him when he inputs the info.