Tom Matzzie @tommatzzie just won the internet

Well done, sir, well done.

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  1. SPQR says

    "On background" – think how much journalism would be improved if they never listened to anybody who wouldn't own up to the background smears.

    I'm not talking about truly vulnerable people going anonymous but just this kind of crap.

  2. Fury says

    Per the photo, I wonder if Mr. Matzzie felt the small tracking chip that LTG Hayden has just placed in his neck.

  3. says


    Per the photo, I wonder if Mr. Matzzie felt the small tracking chip that LTG Hayden has just placed in his neck.

    Matzzie won the internet, but you've won the comment thread.

  4. BBnet3000 says

    Speaking of expectations of privacy, common-carrier transportation definitely is a place where you have none.

  5. Frank Rizzo says

    Not too long ago I was riding a bus, and didn't get sued for complaining oops not that bus company, it was Greyhound or Megabus I think. Anyway there was this guy who was in the back and telling everyone how he ran some agency so secret he couldn't tell us which one it was. Conspiracy plots, secret plots, bugs everywhere spying and secret implants.

    Sorry to say I don't have a twitter account, and don't usually talk to people saying things like this, guess I know better next time! "!aaaH-aH ,yawA eM ekaT oT gnimoC er'yehT"

  6. luagha says

    I would have thought it hard to top Pillsbury Winthrop partner Robert Robbins loudly talking up the impending layoffs at his firm on the Acela before they occurred (from Above The Law) but here it is.

  7. says

    Why do I keep thinking of a…was it Marylin Monroe film "Strangers on a train"? I dunno…I may be thinking of the wrong film…and context. Still. Funny to me.

  8. freedomfan says

    @Fury and @Woff1965, awesome!

    FWIW, the three tweets before the last one are posted out of order. Changes the complexion of the situation very slightly.

    FWIW2: I have seen on a few sites the caption of the phone pic of Matzzie and Heyden with the caption "Me and Steeler fan Michael Hayden" as Clark has above and several with the caption "Win". I wonder why the difference? I suppose Matzzie just tweeted the picture with more than one headline.

    BTW, I watched Matzzie's interview on HoPo Live and I must say that Hayden came off as very congenial and not as the bully one might expect. That's not to say that he and I would have much agreement on the boundaries of government power, but he sure had a better reaction to what will clearly be an embarrassing moment than this guy.