Gridiron Solitaire: the first preview


From game reviewer and gaming market analyst to game… developer?! Yep. Our friend Bill Harris of the fascinating blog Dubious Quality has been creating a game for the past couplethree years.

One thing that's special about Bill is that he has an intricate understanding of all the tactical and strategic nuances of every sport that interests him. For example, whenever there was a release of NCAA or Madden in their heyday, Bill would spend countless hours on empirical testing of various configuration slider settings and then release a definitive slider configuration to make the video game as much like the live game as possible.

Another is that he has a broad and deep understanding of what makes games enjoyable. He's both analytic and intuitive, and his judgment has been honed through decades of playing, reviewing, and discussing.

Understanding and good judgment–that's a magical combination for creative endeavors, and so the anticipation is high for his soon-to-be-released game, Gridiron Solitaire.

The exclusive first look at Bill's game is now up at Red Door Blue Key. I have no interest at all in football, but I can't wait to play this game because I know Bill. I trust that his creature will not only be accessible, suitably challenging, and hugely replayable, but also that it will somehow capture the feel and the fun of genuine football. For anyone who does love football, the game will undoubtedly offer many special moments that I'll fail to intercept.

The more I played Gridiron Solitaire, the more I kept repeating that phrase: just like real football. It’s astonishing that an abstract, card-based mechanic can so closely mimic the peculiar feel of this sport. Ball control, time of possession, and clock management are crucial. The games end with realistic scores…

Check out the preview, read his designer blog installments (starting here), and watch this space for further info about when and where the game will drop!

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  1. Panzersage says

    Does he plan on doing a kickstarter to get his game off the ground? A lot of projects have been launched there and it gives a nice monetary incentive to help get the project out as well as a free publicity/marketing.

  2. Exodor says

    Looks great but I think it might work even better as a mobile/ tablet title.

    I played Fairway Solitaire to death on my iPad.

  3. says

    Does he plan on doing a kickstarter to get his game off the ground?

    I believe he's going to try to greenlight it on Steam. Not sure what else he has in mind.

  4. says

    I've done a bit of beta testing on it, and I can vouch for the fact that the game is a heck of a lot of fun, and manages to capture a lot of the feel of the decisions made on the field. Highly recommended!