Gridiron Solitaire – ready for Greenlighting!

In an earlier post, I introduced you to the forthcoming indie PC game Gridiron Solitaire by our friend, the amazing Bill Harris, whose blog Dubious Quality has kept us in sentiment, insight, and stitches for many a year.

The game is one of those 15-20 minutes-per-session card-based games that are easy to play over lunch or during a break. The game models football, including leagues, seasons, and the intricacies of football strategy, but presents it all in a highly accessible, enjoyable way. I'm not a football fan, though tonight's standoff between Stanford and USC nearly converted me. But I'm looking forward to this game because I know that Bill knows what makes games fun.

(If you missed the earlier post, go read it now!)

Well, his game is ready to be considered for distribution via Steam. All it takes is enough community support through the Greenlight system. So if you're a Steamer, consider headin' on over to the Gridiron Solitaire page at the Steam Community website an' doin' what yer Mama taught ya.

Scroll down to where it says "Would you buy this game if it were available in Steam?" and make the world a better place.


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  1. Jim Tyre says

    I'm not a football fan, though tonight's standoff between Stanford and USC nearly converted me.

    Did you really have to mention that game at a time when Ken is likely suicidal? We're coming after you if you drove him over the edge!

  2. says

    @Jim Tyre,
    Ken is a great soul. On facebook, he was seen saying that even though USC is evil and stands for everything he despises, he would nevertheless defend them against complaints in this instance as a matter of principle.

  3. Noah Callaway says

    Very. Excited. Looks awesome. Greenlighting! Hope it happens.

    Please congratulate your friend for getting this far, for me! It's a long painful process, and it's a labor of love. It takes a lot of hard work and dedication to get to this point…

  4. Benn says

    Gridiron Solitaire is written in WPF, which is not supported by Mono. Sadly, this game is Windows-only.

  5. Tony says

    I also echo the support for a Linux version. But my primary concern is the distribution on Steam: out of principle, I won't purchase any game or software that uses DRM. While it's true not all Steam games are encrypted, if one needs the Steam client (and thus an online account) in order to install the game, that counts as DRM in my book.

    I wish your friend the best of luck in marketing the game, however. Hopefully he'll choose to distribute it directly, offering those who wish to buy it unencumbered that opportunity.