A Marian Call sighting

Marian Call with retro cell phone. Photo by Scott Adams.

Marian Call with retro cell phone. Photo by Scott Adams.

For our previous coverage of Marian Call, click this tag. If you're unaware of her, start here.

Not long ago, I took a little trip to Silver Spring to see Marian Call in her natural habitat– the house concert. Continue reading….


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  1. jdh says

    You turned me on to Marian Call a while back, and I've wound up with most of her albums.

    Glad you had a chance to see her. She played an hour or so away from me around six months ago, but the logistics didn't work out.

  2. Dion starfire says

    I loved her 'Good Morning Moon' video, though I'm generally not a big fan of folk music (nothing against it, just not to my tastes). It's in my collection of 'audible drugs' – songs that make you smile and feel good no matter your mood or context (much like some drugs supposedly do).

    I doubt I'd enjoy most of Marian's music, but I'd still love to meet and see her perform.

  3. says

    @Dion starfire,
    I think of her as a novelty songstress, with a dash of folk and blues, who intermittently veers off into sincerity and spice. Not to everyone's taste, for sure, but those who like her seem to love her. I think her fans come in part for the music and in part because she has faced down postmodernity and the scourge of trivial digital replication by giving a tech-savvy spin to the late medieval and early modern artistic patronage model. She's making it work, and that's inspiring for creative types and indie business types alike!

    You're right that there's something universal about the muppety Good Morning Moon. Maybe it's the kazoos.

  4. wolfefan says

    This is my introduction to Marian Call – I look forward to learning more. Just a minor quibble – if you are referring to the DC suburb, it's Silver Spring. Lewis Black would cut your heart out.

  5. says

    Silver Spring's a lovely name;
    Its roads, a bit congested.
    Will verdant things e'er be the same
    With Colesville thus contested?

  6. wolfefan says

    Any shout out to Colesville, where I once lived and sold cars, is worth a +1. Thanks for the little poem!

  7. says

    Thank you to all who entered the giveaway!

    Random.org selected Beth, Dovy, Jeff, and Linda. (I threw in a fourth.)

    Y'all should be notified by email from Bandcamp. Please confirm receipt of your code here or by email.


  8. says

    Last post: Marian Call's explanation of the new album:

    The album I’m releasing today is very much a scrawled checklist of what’s been on my mind: time, birds, lightning, hope. Each song is very self-contained and focused and deep like diving….

    The audio quality is not great; I recorded a lot of it on the road, with no budget and no time to stop and fundraise to make a budget. But I love the performances…. I’m tired, I’m sometimes sick, I’m hurried, I’m all in. The vocals are exactly the kind of raw I’ve always been trying for. So I decided that even though it’s rough and raw, a little fuzzy around the edges, I would release these little songs as an album: Sketchbook…. It feels small compared to what I’ve done the last couple years, but I expect that if you know me already, you will understand. I won’t be promoting this record much. It’s for you who have already been here awhile.

  9. KeithB says

    Sounds a little like a Tonio K experience. He would make pancakes on stage and throw then out into the audience.

  10. says

    Woo, I won! I went and (not having heard of her before) listened to a bunch of her songs (mostly from Vanilla, I'm a little bit OCD chronologist) and was duly impressed, and perhaps slightly surprised to find that even tho she's not what I usually listen to (soundtracks, instrumental), she's definitely a treat. I'll have to pick up other albums of hers as I feel hankerings for new music. (My absurdly-small-by-typical-standards library of ~900 songs keeps me generally happy, but every so often you gotta hear something new.) Thanks for the songs!

  11. Mercury says

    I wouldn’t call this folk…very Squirrel Nut Zippers though even without the 20’s hot jazz going on.

    Funny by the way how before Bob Dylan folk music was actually a body of traditional, often very old songs of vague or popular origin and of historical/cultural import.

    Since Dylan (originally a real folky himself) folk music seems to mean: sensitive young men and women with acoustic guitars singing their own songs about themselves.

    I waste more of my life engrossed in music than I care to admit yet just about every day I discover some promising band/genre/scene that I have absolutely never heard of. Music (like everything else in our culture) is so fragmented these days.

    But lots of talent out there still.

    Is it possible that this chick has a phone older than mine?

  12. Bob says

    Your Marian call tip, alone, has made reading popehat worthwhile. The woman is an incredible talent.