Слава Україні! Героям слава!

Ukrainian Priest (photo by Sergey Gapon)

Ukrainian Priest (photo by Sergey Gapon)

Bring a cleric.

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  1. Paranoid Android says

    If I wasn't following current events, I'd be asking what that new superhero movie is and who is playing the hero. The Ukranian people are taking a brave stand against tyranny and it's good to see their clerics standing up for what's right.

  2. Not the IT Dept. says

    I can't be the only person to think this guy bears an amazing likeness to the actor Oliver Reed?

  3. Deathpony says

    @Not the IT Dept

    Dammit, now I cant see this without imagining him mumbling "Shadows and dust…..shadows and dust"

  4. says

    All I can say is that this is the first time I see an actual cleric that you would feel confident going into a giant-spider infested dungeon crawling with marauding orcs.
    In fact he kind of makes the fighters look like wussies.

  5. Jerryskids says

    But he obviously is carrying the shield in his inventory and can't equip it – which suggests to me he's a cleric/mage. Or maybe it's just his STR isn't high enough.

  6. Artor says

    Todd Panek, that's a gas mask, not headphones. I don't think he's rocking out to death metal here, although that would totally fit the image.

  7. Tarrou says

    Aaaand let me play the caution card as I did with the Egyptian revolution. The lads in the street are fighting a good fight against the allies of Putin. But in world politics, the enemies of our enemies are never just our friends. I very much doubt we will like the results of a Right Sector government any more than we did the previous administration.

    And am I cynical for thinking no one would be noticing this if we hadn't been whipping up anti-Russian sentiment for the Olympics? Good on the Ukranians for knowing when to riot, I guess.

    As for the Orthodox clergy…….they are notoriously corrupt and venal, maybe this offers them the opportunity to reform their reputations. Certainly dude in the picture seems like a poster for it.

  8. Artor says

    While everyone is cheering for this priest's badassery, let's all remember that once the revolution is over, win or lose, he's likely to go right back to bashing the local LGBT population, and fighting against any sort of progressive values. The full picture, panned out, shows his boot against the neck of a bloody gay kid.

  9. babaganusz says

    maybe this offers them the opportunity to reform their reputations.

    indeed, playing the 'rising up for the oppressed/underdog' card is guaranteed to give plenty of folks righteous fuzzies. and as Artor reminds us, solidarity only goes so far when ill-perpetuated classifications of 'undesirable' persist.

  10. Igor Zevaka says

    Here is video of this guy in action.


    At 35:28 -https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qSvj8F_Br4M&feature=youtube_gdata_player

  11. Kat Fud says

    My sweetie is the son of a Ukrainian Orthodox priest. (!) Yes, priests can be married as long as it happens BEFORE they take the orders.

    Sweetie also believes this one may be a Cossack. That would explain the no-nonsense demeanor. A Cossack Ukrainian Orthodox Priest would definitely be a badass, no doubt about it.

    He told me that the yellow vestment not only identifies him as a priest but can also tell how long he's been one. Sweetie's father got a new design on his vestment when he reached 10 years in, for instance. As they progress up the ranks the symbols on the vestments change to reflect status.

    In this way it might be possible to identify exactly what level cleric this one is. In this photo, he's clearly identifying targets to aim his crucifix at. He'll be blessing them whether they like it or not. Unfortunately he's probably also giving last rites to the dying. I have to give him serious mad props for going into a riot zone to do that.

    I just noticed that he's also wearing a tear gas mask. This is one BADASS Cossack Orthodox priest. He looks like he could be a Templar Knight, if only the Ukrainian Orthodox Church had something like that. However, if all the priests are as badass as this one, an order of warrior priests is entirely unnecessary.

  12. Nowan says

    No one was giving Yanukonych cover in that interview. Cohen flat out said he's as bad ad everyone is making g out to be. That is not the point. The point is that the neocons that profit from the military industrial complex go so overboard with their demonization of Russia thatall practicality is lost.