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Happy April. Enjoy!

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  1. Whit says

    I admit, I was concerned that I wouldn't be able to read something fun from Popehat for April Fools' day. And then I noticed this post.

  2. George William Herbert says

    Braaaahvo. Remeber, Remember, the … err, it's not November. BUT ANYWAYS.

  3. Filippo Bonazzi says

    We are waiting for commentary on today's Prenda news… Was it an April Fools' too? The order sure looks legit

  4. Sad Panda says

    Boo, just showed up, missed the fun.

    Interestingly though, as an organization that has no membership, we are all Anonymous, etc etc blah blah expect us, one could argue that Popehat experienced a legit Anonymous hack. Just an inside job, is all.

  5. tsrblke says

    Yeah it was the total dumping of the entire website that got me.
    At first I said "nice April fools joke." But I went to look at an old post and got 404'd and went "maybe?"

    That's dedication.

  6. cpast says

    @Sad Panda: I just had a great idea based on your comment: any time a site I run is down, since Anonymous has no defined membership, declare myself to be Anonymous. That way, it was a hacking thing by the evil Anonymous, and so it's not my fault the site's down!

  7. says

    BTW, there was an easter egg for the ultra-paranoid conspiratorial types, but nobody found it or called attention to it.

  8. jdh says

    I was concerned when I first saw it. Then I realized what day it was.
    Thanks for the fun!

  9. tsrblke says


    Really? I checked the source code of the page and didn't see anything that jumped out.

    The image name had 0401 in it, but my friend and I determined that while that leaned towards "joke" it didn't rule out "outside prank."

  10. JimBob says


    It's probably the use of "TAO" and "TYPHON" in the image name. TAO is the Tailored Access Operations group at the NSA, which is basically the guys the government goes to when they want to listen in on the Pope's phone calls, etc. TYPHON was one of the exploits listed in a catalog of TAO "offerings" that Snowden made public– from what I can tell, basically a wireless intercept device that can masquerade as a cell tower and listen in to any phone that happens to register with it instead of a real cell tower.

  11. stavro375 says

    Man, that was creepy. Reminds me of an April 1 a few years ago when another site I frequent replaced their page with a fake FBI takedown notice("the owner of this site is under investigation for Conspiracy to Commit HAYO!"). Good times.

    Of course, that site didn't go the extra mile and 404 its archive…

  12. LordOChaos says

    Well played sirs, well played. Never once during the day did I even consider the possibility that I was being duped. Give me my dunce cap, and point me to a corner please.

  13. tsrblke says



    Waaaaaayyyyy to much thinking for me.
    I saw TAO and TYPHOON but couldn't figure out what it meant. I tried reversing it. Oh well.

  14. Jack says

    I knew right away it was April fools – but axing the entire rest of the site made me think "maybe" and I was confused all day. I agree – it takes serious dedication to a prank to axe your entire archive of content…

    Best April fools in a long time.

  15. jb says

    The one piece missing was a post a few days prior that mentioned Anonymous (perhaps a meditation on vigilantism and the holes in the American legal system, possibly linked to the recent Massachusetts peeping-tom judicial ruling) semi-critically. What tipped me off that it was a prank was that there seemed to be no reason for Anonymous to target you now, of all times.

  16. TheOtherMatt says

    Good joke guys for a moment I thought someone had taught Ken, would've been more convincing if you'd actually messed up the wordpress install though