The truth about rule

viaangusI am on the run. I have had a lot of ventures. I will tell you a truth of my ventures.

One day I saw a farm that had no fence. I saw sheep and long neck sheep and goats and geese. In a corner of the farm was a tin tub up side down on a flat form, and a front eyes sat on the tub and watched.

The front eyes was like the man but not like the man. I went to him and asked why all the sheep and long neck sheep and goats and geese were there in the field.

They chose to make me their ruler, he said. I take care of them and do what is right. You are a big, strong bull. I will make you my side bull and you can rule them with me!

I asked, What is rule?

The front eyes said, Watch. So I stood to a side of the flat form.

After some time a goose came up and said, I do not get enough food. I think you should take some of the food from the sheep and the goats and give it to us geese and the long neck sheep. They are strong and we are not strong.

The front eyes said to the goose, You know, you are right! Then the goose left.

Later a goat came up and said, I do not get enough food. You should take some from the long necks and give it to us goats and sheep. They are swift and we are slow.

The front eyes said to the goat, You know, you are right! Then the goat left.

I said to the front eyes, That is rule? You said this and also not this!

The front eyes said to me, You know, you are right!

Then I left the farm that had no fence. I do not want to rule.

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  1. says

    I walked across the place where the grass of the field touches the dirt road, and then I walked down the dirt road until I had a new venture.

    If your brain hurts you can chew on leafs on a feverfew bush to make it not hurt. But do not chew too much.

  2. gramps says

    Too much philosophy for Monday morning.

    But even when you decide to leave the farm with no fence, how do you know when you are gone?

  3. Sad Panda says

    You must have had many ventures!

    You've been gone so long I was starting to think you went to the place where cattle go in and do not come out. Many, many cattle. Maybe they leave at night? I do not know.

  4. says


    Front-eye means human. Creatures with their eyes on the sides of their head are usually prey animals who need to watch in all directions. Creatures with both eyes on the front are usually predators who need binocular vision to focus on prey animals.

    Humans, notably, have adequate binocular vision and are predators.

  5. says

    Is the parable of the fenceless farm actually a form of the common statist argument that all anarchist societies will turn to a strongman in the end?

  6. CJColucci says

    Dear Angus:
    I wish you the best of luck in your ventures, and support whatever decision you make as long as you are fully informed. Just so you know, you were most likely brought into existence because the people you left are in the business of raising and selling cattle for meat. They will treat you tolerably well and provide you with food, water, and pasture, but they won't let you wander as you choose and some time in the prime of your life, they will take you off and kill you to provide meat. With any luck, your death will be quick and painless. You have escaped, and you may be able to elude recapture (or capture by someone similar to your former people), though not likely for long. If you do, you will be free to wander about, but the natural end of a free animal is likely to be painful: disease, starvation, or predation being the likely alternatives. As I say, I support whichever choice you make, knowing your options. Good luck.

  7. Vorkon says

    It's been far too long since you last posted. I was dying to hear your opinion on the Bundy Ranch issue!

  8. Kratoklastes says

    Front-eyes are not to be trusted, even if they invite you to help them rule. Far better to seek out new ventures.

    Never accept a lift in the back of a front-eyes' truck.

  9. Girl123 says

    Wait…. So does x like, not actually = not x??
    #farfromthemaddeningcrowd, paradise wins? Or 2bigtofail

  10. Gus Bailey says

    Good luck Angus,

    There is good advice here. We must all be wary, but enjoy our ventures.

  11. Goober says

    Front eye = predator

    Side eye = prey

    Most predators have binocular vision, so their eyes face forward.

    My guess is we're talking about a sheep dog or something of the like.

  12. Jason Summers says

    Oh albert, you have somehow managed to make Via Angus even better – may the sun shine upon both of your ventures ever forward.