The Hand of Isaac Fawkes

… Quicker than Hogarth's Eye?

Some thoughts about Fawkes, Hogarth, and the mechanisms of satire over at

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  1. ZarroTsu says

    I need more information.

    (a) Which hand of Issac Fawkes' was it?

    (b) Which eye of William Hogarth's was it?

    (c) Is there a mathematical essay written to prove/disprove whether or not Issac's hand was really quicker than Hogarth's eye?

  2. albert says

    How ironic that in the Merry Olde England of today, Hogarth might get his pants sued off by Fawkes. The English didn't invent satire, but they surely perfected it, then tried to eliminate it. What is it with the Sesame Street mentality of those Europeans?

    I fear the death of satire, parody, and spoofs might happen here, what with the pissing on the Constitution by any and all parts of the government.

    "The more I read the papers,
    The less I comprehend,
    The world and all its capers,
    And how it all will end.
    Nothing seems to be lasting,
    But that isn't our affair,
    We've got something permanent,
    I mean in the way we care.
    …" – The verse (intro) from Love Is Here To Stay, Ira Gershwin

    I gotta go…