Long Time, No See

I've been away from the blog for a while.

There will come a time when I'll write about the circumstances of my absence, which were unpleasant. But not today. For now, I'd like to express my gratitude for the support of my family, my co-bloggers here, and the friends who have written and offered good cheer. I'm very fortunate.

I'm back. Send in those story tips, requests for free speech help, abusive and confusingly scatological emails, and thus-and-such.

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  1. Delvan says

    Welcome back Ken! Hope those crappy circumstances are are all behind you now.

  2. Sekalah says

    So glad to see you back, and hope that whatever the unpleasant circumstances were, you've weathered them well and there is no lasting damage.

  3. Jim Tyre says

    If I send you an abusive and confusingly scatological email, will you promise to publish it?

    Welcome back!

  4. Matthew Cline says

    abusive and confusingly scatological emails

    Your mother was a hamster, and your father smelt of elderberries!!

  5. crankytexan says

    Welcome back sir! Your wit and legal acumen have been missed. I hope the unpleasant circumstances have resolved themselves.

  6. says

    Sorry to hear about your difficulties. I was hoping it was a vacation or some other pleasant event that had left us without your enjoyable blog posts. Glad to know you're back. Good luck with the situation.

  7. says

    Welcome back!

    I had also hoped your absence was something positive but am now glad to hear that you survived whatever it was. I eagerly await your next snarky dissection of some half-witted attack on free speech.

  8. Chris says

    Good to have you back, Ken. I have missed your special brand of snark in my RSS feed.

  9. Rowan says

    Welcome back. Missed your take on things legal. Have enjoyed reading what the others of Popehat have written during your absence. I look forward to the return of your posts. Yay!

  10. Iain says

    Truly great to see you, Ken. I hope those unpleasant circumstances are resolved ok.

  11. AlphaCentauri says

    Glad you are back. I have been worried, but I didn't know how to tactfully inquire about how you were doing. (Being in the medical field means people generally reveal more about themselves to me than they intend to when they share information about their health, so making inquiries seems like prying.)

  12. The War Hamster says

    I am sorry to hear that your hiatus was unpleasant. I hope all is now well with you and yours.

  13. Tony J says

    Welcome back, sir. I had assumed you were absent for work-related reasons, being a responsible lawyer-type and all. If that wasn't the case, I hope all is well now, or getting better.

  14. That Anonymous Coward says

    We missed you.
    While you were out the trolls started posting My Little Pony Meme's to PACER thinking you weren't around to notice.
    I look forward to you dealing with this pony menace.

  15. Dave Cannon says

    Hi Ken.

    Just echoing the chorus from the peanut gallery here, but your wit and humanity are a force for awesome in this world and we are all happy that your unfortunate circumstances seem to be passing (or at least they have ebbed enough that you are writing here again). We are of course secondarily enthused to read whatever you care to write again.

    Thank you for writing and sticking with it.


  16. mcinsand says

    As others have felt and expressed, I hoped that you were gone for fun or at least positive reasons. It's great to have you back, though I'm sorry that you had an ordeal.

  17. I was Anonymous says

    Hope everything is good, Ken. I "Governed Myself Accordingly" while you were gone!

  18. Grifter says

    Welcome back, Ken!

    Sorry the circumstances weren't good, but I hope all is well now!

  19. Jim Griffin says

    As they say, when you're going through Hell, keep going.

    Glad you did, and have. Your particular contributions to the world are treasured and were missed.

  20. babaganusz says

    welcome the fuck back, good sir! the self-governancings have been vanishingly according(ly?) – thank gosh you weren't afb any longer than ~strictly necessary.

    looking forward (in the usual sense of potentially-unhealthy curiosity regarding the personal circumstances of a highly-esteemed-though-personally-distant member of an even-more-highly-sympathetic [as 'seen' on popehat] family unit) to the indubitably well-composed briefing on 'what kept you'. and thanks as ever for keeping the 'hat alive.

    but no requests, really. this is one of those sluggishly passive spectators who finds a way to appreciate all of your meditations and treatments without finding any particular vein preferable. the most bias i can muster today would be to downgrade the priority of future Mann/Steyn/et al. analysis, merely due to the correlation with decidedly less enjoyable comment threads.

  21. Mike says

    YAY! I'm a little embarrassed by how often I checked this site while you were gone, but it's all worth it now. Welcome back!

  22. AlanF says

    It is nice to have you back! I check Popehat several times a day and was getting quite worried about the lack of your posts.

  23. Max Zadow says

    You are a voice of truth and justice. Damnation to the forces that opposed you, whether of physical nature or humanity.

    I join those who welcome your return. I had a bad May and early June myself and missed reading your wit and wisdom as one of my little escapes and reassurance that some good people are out there.

  24. En Passant says

    Wonderful that you are back. I hope that the unpleasant circumstances causing your absence have vanished.

    Like others here I was reluctant to inquire, so I watched and waited. Your subsequent Popehat Signal Update demonstrates that whatever difficulties you have endured, your spirit, style and substance have emerged unscathed.

    For that I am grateful.

  25. Tim says

    Welcome back indeed! I look forward to the coming onslaught of pony-treachery exposés!

  26. Kevin says

    So does anyone want to start wildly speculating about where Ken was while he was gone? Was he sent to gitmo for his anti-government propaganda? Kidnapped by Kimberlings?

  27. Fasolt says

    Welcome back Ken. I echo all the sentiments above and hope all your troubles are behind you.

  28. Laura K/Sparrowkin says

    Ms. Deb Ross said it best: people who you do not know and who do not know you have missed you on the blog. I have and I also wish you well.

  29. Sami says

    Hooray! I, too, have missed you. I was thinking just the other day that it had been ages since Ken posted, and wondering if some sort of, "Hey, Ken, complete strangers nonetheless miss your blogging, I hope things are okay for you and that you're bearing up well if they're not," e-mail would be inappropriate.

  30. Chris Taylor says

    Welcome back, Ken. You were definitely missed and it is very good to see you back in the (pony) saddle.

  31. Edward Brennan says

    Just adding to the chorus. Don't know you outside of this blog but missed your insight in your absence. Hope that everything is now well.

  32. KronWeld" says

    Welcome back. You have been sorely missed. I was getting worried. Now I know I had reason to worry. Ugh. Good to hear things are getting/going better. Sorry they weren't before.

    There have been so many news stories since you went MIA, that I would tell myself "I can't wait for Ken to cover this, it is right up his alley.", but no, nothing. Glad that painful period without your wit is over.

  33. XSRocks says

    Welcome Back!

    Ahhhh, order will now be restored and we will act accordingly.

  34. Petter says

    Very happy to see you're back. Hope you're doing ok!

    Although interested to read what happened, I can imagine that sharing it with the world is not the easiest thing to do. So, best of luck and hope to see more of you!

  35. Anglave says

    Glad you're back!

    Maybe soon I'll understand this Supreme Court thing (Hobby Lobby) everyone's been talking about.

  36. trebuchet says

    Welcome back, Ken. I've been missing you. May your pumpkins fly straight and long.

  37. says

    Ken, you LINO squish. Welcome back. If ruin need be visited upon your enemies, know that you need only say the word, and the legions of Popehat faithful will spread across these Internets like a plague, to serve harsh justice to those who would dare insult the Ken White.

  38. Robert Shibley says

    Very sorry to hear it, Ken. I hope things are back to an even keel for you and yours.

  39. C Dahl says

    Welcome back – i hope your troubles will go away.

    I am happy to see you back, it has not been the same with your absence

    -A happy reader from Denmark

  40. htom says

    It's good to see you're back, Ken, and I, too, hope your absence was for reasons you'll recover from, chuckling about them a decade from now.

  41. Mike says

    I'm sorry your absence was unpleasant, and I'm glad that you're back. You're a good person and a breath of fresh air, not to mention a vital part of my daily work-avoidance routine. Be well.

  42. Dion starfire says

    Sorry for your troubles. On the plus side, now, when marketeers annoy you, you can now whip out a "HULK SMASH!!". I'd love to see how they deal with a raging green (or grey, depending on which lab did the work) monster.

  43. MamaImp says

    Welcome back. Sorry you found yourself in miserable circumstances. I hope things keep improving for you.

  44. Ronald Watts says

  45. EricE says

    Yeah! Ken's back! I'm sorry for whatever was holding you up, but I'm glad it's resolved to the point you can return. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. Take care!